General Tso’s

Found near a Chinese restaurant. Seriously. I hope it’s not a shopping list.

Menu Planner

I found this in a trash can at the pregnancy clinic that I clean every weekend. I wonder if it were written as a note-to-self or a note to someone else. I think the latter would be pretty cute.

Someone’s Gotta Do It

Found on the sidewalk near my office in Berkeley. The man appears to be taste-testing various cat foods.

Sugar Now

Yesterday I found an address book in the snow at the corner of my street. I’m guessing it belongs to a prisoner because there’s lots of names of judges, reference to a mafioso and a recurring number that could be his prison ID.

Take Your Ice Cream Home

I found this note on the new bookshelf at the library. It seems slightly antagonistic to me, what with the double underline and all.

Table Scraps

One morning, while headed to class, I was waiting at the crosswalk on 23rd street and eyed a pile of books resting on a trash bin. Sitting on top was a framed picture of Mel Gibson… so of course I had to take it. It was only later, when I took the frame apart, that … Continued

Glamour Shot

My kids and I were sitting in the grass near a parking lot eating ice cream and we found this picture. Even my 5-year old though it was bizarre and laughed, “why is this baby holding two apples?”

Mexican Food Rox

My friend Rob saw this in a parking lot and texted me, “thought you’d appreciate it as much as I did.” P.S. I was in FOUND #8 2X! I read my name in it and thought, “Hey, someone has my name … whatever.” Then I looked at the thing again and thought, “Hey, that looks … Continued