Jonny’s Lunch Choices

I found this in the lunchroom of the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. I think I would be a very different person if my mom left notes in my lunch like Jonny’s mom does.


On a Sunday afternoon walk, I came across a pile of ejected house waste, clothes, toys, furniture and this photograph. It was found on a street behind Madrid’s modern art museum, The Reina Sophia. All I can say is that it looks like they have been trying to invent Cherry Coke by mixing normal coke … Continued

Pizza’d Out

I love the expression and from now on I will try to use it wherever possible. I keep wondering under what circumstances someone would write this.


Jonathan Swift got it wrong – the babies will feast on the adults!


I found this on a disc of pictures that someone left on my desk. I love the colors and the look on the cat’s face, as if to say “So, what are you going to do about it?” But, I don’t see a fish in the bowl; maybe the picture taker was too late!


This looks like quite an ambitious grocery list – cat food for ALL cats?? What’s a coffee markout?

Sandwich Club Meeting

While walking to purchase a burrito, I happened upon the agenda for a certain Sandwich Club Meeting.

Fat Kid

The first day back at school after being sick, I found this posted in the window of the resource room. It didn’t belong there, so I took it down and almost threw it in the recycle bin. Then I realized it belongs here instead.

I’m Not a Hippie

I found this exercise book at Newtown station one afternoon, empty except for this page. Not to sure who it’s addressed to, but I thought it interesting reguardless.

Diet Regimen

Found in the hallway recently. I was struck by the plethora of spelling errors. My favorite is “darie”, seconded by “carrets” and “porck”. What is Hugga bugga juice (Hayen punch)?