Flex Card Flexxin’


FOUND by Steve at Valdosta State University, Valdosta, Georgia

This artistic gem was discovered abandoned in a classroom. It appears to be preliminary drawing of a cover for an album titled, “Money Made Bitch.” The artwork is superb; it either features A) a man flying through the are while his legs disintegrate into dollar bills; or, B) a man lying down shooting dollar bills out his ass. A bystander stands behind this dollar bill man and cheers him on with a hearty, “Yeaaa!!”

Despite the effort put into the album’s cover, the music itself appears more preliminary. Thus far, only one track is certain, and will bat lead-off on Money Made Bitch. I’m sure this song, titled “Flexcard Flexxin’” is bound to be a delightful ditty. [Note: "flex cards" are used by students to purchase meals on campus]

Dear Stranger


FOUND by Bethany at University of Saint Francis, Fort Wayne, Indiana

I found this cute little note in the ladies bathroom on Valentine’s Day. I went to reach for a paper towel, and there it was, stuck to the dispenser. Obviously someone wanted to make a stranger smile. It worked! I smiled the rest of the day.



FOUND by Kelly Ewing in Claremore, Oklahoma

I found this small, folded note lying on the floor under a table in the student center ballroom at the Rogers State University Student Center. Is musical aptitude really a banishable offense? Was it just the last in a long list of grievances? Who did the banishing? The ex-girlfriend? Her parents? I hope you still continued to play while in exile, Banished Guy.