Elvis Sez

Found this on a Saturday morning, stuck to the door of an empty college classroom.

Signed, Mr./Mrs.”X”

Found on our apartment door the morning after a party. It must have been one hell of a party.

Not a Party Building

Some undergrads have moved in and the landlord has not been happy with their smoking. Every time I see them in the hallway, I like to remind them that this is NOT a “party building.”

X Marx the Spot

The fiancee and myself were walking the dog on a beautiful sunny day when I bent over to pick up what I believed to be a note of some kind in faded pen purple writing. Instead, what I found was a 1/2 credit paper on Karl Marxs (plural dictator?), whose story sounds strikingly similar to … Continued

Maaaaad Broke

Found this outside of our lovely cafeteria here at MCLA there are some picnic tables. One of them is mad broke, and multiple copies of this note were taped all over it. A few of them had the ‘us’ at the bottom crossed out and replaced with ‘we.’ Just goes to show how great the … Continued

Toga Thank You

I found this tiny note, 1.5″ x 2″ on the floor of a parking structure elevator lobby in Pasadena, CA off of Lake Street. Sam is obviously a gentleman to step in and fix up that Toga and Lily was raised right knowing that under any circumstance a kindness should not go unrecognized… but I … Continued

Freelance Boyfriend

I found this while walking around my college campus. The back reads: “Project save the end of my summer”. My thoughts were why would someone who is clearly bold, proactive and extremely extroverted need to solicit for a boyfriend? Then again who would agree to be boyfriend in a relationship that by design was never … Continued

All Your Desk Are Belong To Us

For the last several weeks, at 8:40-ish am on Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays, I’ve used the back stairs of Carver Hall at Iowa State to my office on the third floor. Just inside the landing, behind the doors, I fill up my water bottle at the water fountain before going to my office room to … Continued