Spring Break Budget

FOUND by Rob
I am a professor who teaches large chemistry classes. I found this paper on desk in the back of the class on my way out of the room after a lecture. I looked at it and saw that it was a Spring Break budget with specified categories. Clearly this student had his/her mind on “chemistry” but not exactly the kind that was in the lesson plan for the day. At least I taught them how to convert between units (grams and dollars)…

Toga Thank You

FOUND by Corina Lash; Pasadena, CA

I found this tiny note, 1.5″ x 2″ on the floor of a parking structure elevator lobby in Pasadena, CA off of Lake Street. Sam is obviously a gentleman to step in and fix up that Toga and Lily was raised right knowing that under any circumstance a kindness should not go unrecognized… but I can’t stop wondering about what an appropriate thank you gift would be for the emergency repair of a toga in a party situation. All I know is that I like these kids and I wish I could have seen their togas!