The House Teetered

I found this unsealed (and, at the time, unstamped) thank-you note on the ground at Java Break Cafe and Cereal Bar, my favorite coffeehouse. I don’t know if the frat-bro who wrote it is a poet or not, but his note not only flowed…it almost seemed intentional–yet effortless–with its wordplay, sound repetition, and line-breakage: ‘write’…’Psi’…’provide’; … Continued

Avoid Fringe

This is a page from the diary of a freshman college student that I found it at a rummage sale.

Falstad the Science Dragon

I am a student assistant in the library and often come accross random notes. This one was just too awesome to not send.

Son Adrift

Found this in an old copy of Herman Hesse’s Steppenwolf, bought from the Brooklyn College Library booksale room.

Paul Danced

These flyers were on every car parked in student housing at Southern Utah University.


I was checking the mailbox today and found this on the ground. Apparently, someone before me found it just as amusing as I did. Virginia Tech graduation was two weeks ago and I really hope that this guy wasn’t one of my fellow graduates.

Spring Break Budget

I am a professor who teaches large chemistry classes. I found this paper on desk in the back of the class on my way out of the room after a lecture. I looked at it and saw that it was a Spring Break budget with specified categories. Clearly this student had his/her mind on “chemistry” … Continued

A Great Tornado

Found on my way to class at UMass Amherst.

Why to Go to U of A

A co-worker and I found this on the way out of our building one day. We can only assume that this girl is trying to convince her parents why she should go to UA. However, we cannot fathom how and why this school would help “deal with fear problems.”