I was digging in my garden and found a little scrap of 8mm film caught in some roots, so I scanned it. The film contains about five frames of a home movie on Christmas morning. Two children are in the frames, a little boy and a little girl, and a decorated Christmas tree is visible … Continued

I Not Stole Your Box

We came back from holiday and this note was on our doorstep in a bag of opened gifts someone had sent us. Obviously they were so taken by the box they had to see what was inside.

Do Right Now

Here’s one of the notes that have been slipped through the mail slot in my door for years and years. They’d stopped for awhile and then I got three more within a week. No idea who this person is.

Bad Daddy

I have a huge collection of children’s books. I’m always on the hunt! I found this one at a Value World. It is the saddest book inscription I have ever seen.

Spandex for Xmas

This was in a box of letters, photos, postcards and other items, abandoned in the attic by the prior owners of the house my brother bought recently.

Santa Stache

The annual mowing of the thick vegetation growing on this coastal Humboldt County dank gully road (NO, NOT THAT KIND OF DANK) revealed some old trash bags ripped open, spilling their contents into the cut ferns. Many photos and slides were hidden therein, lovingly distressed and melted by the weather. The back says Mar 69, … Continued

Untitled #3

I found this picture in a phone booth. I think it’s a photo made for a personal greeting card or something similar.

Tree Boy

I found this photograph on the street last autumn. It’s probably one of the most hauntingly beautiful images I’ve seen in my life. I don’t know who the boy is or how the photo found its way onto the street in front of my house, but I knew it would be perfect to send in.

Got Fire

This was taped to the glass front door of the Silver Dragon Chinese Restaurant. Through the glass one could witness the charred remains of the kitchen. Found on December 25, 2004, when I visited my parents for Christmas.