Dear Cherisse

Found on a side walk in a gutter under the El tracks near Chicago and Franklin.

An Angle Like You

Found this lying on a #2 Bus seat on my way home from work. Didn’t see who dropped it.

Sorry Steve

Seems like someone’s still playing around with you, Steve.

Dear Mrs Todd

It seems to be some kind of counterfeit … disciplinary … greeting card.

Dear Dumplin’

I found this in the library at my high school.

No One Is White Power

This is a little neighbor dispute I found on the sidewalk on my walk home from dinner.

Print Jobs

Typically you print and go retrieve your stuff, especially if its not work-related. Someone forgot his personal print job.

Thanks for Teaching Me My Lesson

I found this on 37th St. in Baltimore’s Hampden. The handwriting says “grade school,” but there’s some very weird and adult dynamics going on here.

I’m Sorry

I found this laying on the ground in my history class. I think it’s kind of funny how two people broke up their relationship with a note. At least blue pen wasn’t devastated, and black pen was understanding.