Found in a classroom

In an act of misguided scheduling, I was assigned a homeroom in the library while a different teacher had a homeroom in my classroom. When I got back to my room after the last homeroom session of the year, I found that a student had left behind one of these thank-you cards we distribute for the seniors to write to any of the teachers or staff in the district. I like to think that at least one student found the maturity to regret his or her behavior.

My Feeble Attempt


FOUND by Jessica F. at University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

My roommate Tracey found this remorseful letter on the ground near her school. The saddest part is that it had been sealed with tape and obviously never opened, meaning either that it never reached its recipient, or that she threw it on the ground without reading it.

Sorry About the Perfume


FOUND by Amy in Portland, Oregon

Working in a library, we often find personal items left in books. Today, when one of my coworkers opened a picture book up to repair it, this came fluttering out. We were able to determine that the words that are scratched out were “To cheer you up.” We wondered what made her edit that particular phrase out and of course what happened with the perfume.