Dear Granny

I moved into a new place and found this note under the refrigerator. It immediately made me laugh and has been hanging on the same fridge for months. It reminds me of a situation all of us have been in as kids- better fess up or everyone is going to get punished!

I Am a Giggle Bug

Found in a classroom I was helping clean. Apparently students were forced to write letters of apology to their teacher when they got in trouble and we found a whole stack of them. This one stood out.

The Luckiest Man In The East Village

During the transit strike I was living in the Lower East Side and walking to work. Somewhere on 1st Avenue in the teens there were a half dozen of these plastered on one light post after the next. My girlfriend says this is touching but I just think it’s creepy. Either way, I sure hope … Continued

This is Not a Subterfuge

I found this note under a bed in Barnes Jewish Hospital on the women and children’s floor. I was visiting my cousin who had his tonsils taken out. His younger brother started crawling around the floor and playing with random pieces of trash behind the trash can; like this.

Social Club Apology

My friend was living with his grandmother at this adult retirement community. He came home one evening to find this note in the door. What on earth happened at that Social Club meeting?


I was walking to the el in Rogers Park and saw this bubbly-lettered, girl-handwriting note just sitting on the sidewalk.

I Just Don’t See the Point Anymore

Found in the parking lot of a Tasty Thai restaurant. A break-up note of sorts? A modern day Romeo and Juliet? Angsty teens? The possibilities are endless.

I’m Sorry, Saige

I was buying some alcoholic beverages and the cashier handed me this dollar bill. The writing caught my eye immediately, and it just about broke my heart. Was the argument over money? Did Saige spend the dollar without seeing the note?

Say Yes

While remodeling my basement, I came across this photocopied (why?) note underneath the old cedar closet.