Birthday Goat

I found this picture in a disposable camera while working on a college campus. There were also a bunch of birthday pictures that turned out really faded. I found it funny that only the goat picture was the only one that survived. Since then I’ve had it taped to my car visor to remind me … Continued

Hippo Boat

Found this left behind from an eviction in front of an old house.


Found this on Wolf Road; I thought this was a pretty touching card, especially from the vet.

Great Job Reading

I found this piece on the sidewalk about a quarter-mile from my daughter’s elementary school.

Lion’s Snack

I walked into my composition class and this was on the floor. No one knew where it came from or who it belonged to. It’s an actual photograph, too.

Grilled Turkey

Classic situation. A friend of mine was at a rave in Wisconsin and found a roll of film. He developed it to see what was goin’ on. This pretty much speaks for itself.


This was found by my dad, who is a security guard in a retirement community. He thinks it might be written by a woman living there who brings them ‘treats’ (cookies, etc.) accompanied by her dog. -Patricia

Kindred Souls

My classmates and I were working on a project in an empty dance studio at the University of Texas, and I had a printout of an email another classmate received, detailing the requirements of the project. I accidentally left it in the studio after class one day, and a week went by before I was … Continued

The Work Has Been Completed

I found this on the door to the break room downstairs. If there really was a bird, and this wasn’t just an uncharacteristically poetic moment for one of the guys in facilities management, that bird would have had to make it through two sets of double doors to get into the break room from outside. … Continued


I found this in a local mall. It looks like Giggles has nailed this one right on the head.