You Never Give Me That Much Affection

I found this in the lower branches of a bush in heart of Milwaukee’s East Side. My first reaction was a gut-busting laugh followed by a moment of puzzlement. For the most part, this meaning of this find is pretty clear-cut: she hates the cat. Yet I am baffled by the sudden interjection of “You … Continued


Found two identical prints of this on the sidewalk downtown. On the back it indicates that it was processed at Walgreens on 1/5/07.


I found this while walking along the side of the road. It made me wonder why it was lying in the grass on the side of the road, as opposed to on some parents’ refrigerator.

Bad News / Poop All Over

Found by a friend on the community note board in his kitchen. I had a first-hand look– the note pretty much says it all. Poops were, indeed, all over.

Claude at Dusk

My husband and I found this photo in a library book. Written on the back is “Claude at Dusk.”

Birthday Goat

I found this picture in a disposable camera while working on a college campus. There were also a bunch of birthday pictures that turned out really faded. I found it funny that only the goat picture was the only one that survived. Since then I’ve had it taped to my car visor to remind me … Continued

Hippo Boat

Found this left behind from an eviction in front of an old house.

The Fowl

Found this in a book at a used book store. The back says: “SHIRLEY FEEDING THE FOWL AT LAGUNA SCO PROB FALL 88 -THATS A SLICE OF CLARKS BREAD IN THE AIR-”


Found this on Wolf Road; I thought this was a pretty touching card, especially from the vet.

Great Job Reading

I found this piece on the sidewalk about a quarter-mile from my daughter’s elementary school.