I found this on a disc of pictures that someone left on my desk. I love the colors and the look on the cat’s face, as if to say “So, what are you going to do about it?” But, I don’t see a fish in the bowl; maybe the picture taker was too late!

Hank the Camel

Found this on yet another walk with the dog…. it took me back to my childhood when I was forced into photo ops that I’d rather never happened.

Is This the Lobster?

This was found on the city information sign outside of the Malt Shop downtown. The death may have been induced by seafood allergies, pincers of mass destruction, or a severe case of lobsterusphobius resulting in heart failure.

Tiger Snuggle

I found this photo on my way to work a couple of years ago. I love how the woman is snuggling with the stuffed tiger so lovingly.

Puppy Love

Found this on top of a music listening station while shopping at FAO Swartz, in the basement baby section. If UNO loves me, the world is still good.

Minutare Horse Dogs?

This Post-it was found on my desk one morning when I came in to work, it wasn’t attached to anything so I can only assume I am supposed to pull out my crystal ball and divine who has such large dogs.

A Big Beef

This note was folded up and stuffed under the door of our house. We don’t own a dog.

Hello Tacos

I found this on top of a trash can at TacoTime.