My boyfriend and I found this drawing of a werewolf in the wolf lodge at the Cleveland Zoo. I’m sure some kid is missing it, but it made our day!

Brother, You Should See the Grasshoppers

This is a postcard I found under the floor of my attic. There’s enough name info here it could be interesting to some living family of the sender and recipient.

Save the Chimpmonks!

Found this taped to a random tree deep in the heart of Brooklyn, where animal rights are held sacred. The Chipmunk has a beret and a pipe. Classic! He looks sad, maybe his pipe is empty. That’s heavy man.

Willie in Full Regalia

This gem found me, actually; it was wedged between the pages of a book I ordered from Amazon about a year ago.

Trailer Life

This was one of many photocopied photos I found at a playground; this is my favorite.

Tired Horse

I worked for a small town public library which provided a great source for lost materials as patrons seemed to use anything nearby as a handy bookmark. Oftentimes, we’d try to reunited these misplaced items with their owners, but it wasn’t always possible. This was one such item that caught my eye. I doubt the … Continued

Hairy Homosexual

I found this on my desk in my English class after lunch, and took it home. It got a bit wrinkled in transport. It gave me a laugh, and I’ve been wondering who drew it!


Found this interesting gem walking to the grocery store, makes me wonder why someone would take this and how it made its journey to the side of the road.