I found this in a local mall. It looks like Giggles has nailed this one right on the head.


Why go to all the trouble of printing and posting the notices and then say you are not going to do anything about it?

Table Scraps

One morning, while headed to class, I was waiting at the crosswalk on 23rd street and eyed a pile of books resting on a trash bin. Sitting on top was a framed picture of Mel Gibson… so of course I had to take it. It was only later, when I took the frame apart, that … Continued

Raccoon Friends

I found these pictures in my parent’s attic. There was no indication of why they were relevant. I do not know the identity of “the raccoon trainer,” or why these photos were taken. I remember being told that one of our family members was a woodsman and that he died because a tree fell on … Continued


My sister found this. Bunnee is delightful and haunts my dreams.

Hear This Now

I am so glad to have come across your magazine. I thought I was pretty alone in my fascination with the odd things one comes across when one takes the time to look. I have a number of things to share, including a wide assortment of public art. There are at least two people downtown … Continued