Treadmill Duck


FOUND by Kateri in Chicago, Illinois

Found on the sidewalk in my neighborhood in April of 2012. They didn’t show up on the scan, but the paper actually has dusty shoeprints on it from being walked over. It’s been posted on my refrigerator since then, but I’m moving and it has to go. I thought FOUND would make a nice home for this masterpiece of the strange.

Release the Beaver


FOUND by Nikki in Houma, Louisiana

Found while cleaning out my desk at work. I got to the bottom of a pile of papers that had been left by the previous occupant of my desk and found a CD labeled “Release the Beaver.” I popped it into the computer and found this single photo file. Something about this photo made me hold onto it. The pink hues, the giant beaver, the giant beaver pride.

Mon Panda Poo


FOUND by Evie in Norfolk, Virginia

I am taking a photography class at Old Dominion University. Our assignment was to research an artist/photographer and I chose Chuck Close. I went to the school’s art library and was leafing through the Parkett Magazine, Volume 60 when I came across this letter. It is written in French and appears to be a love letter for Jonathan from Rob.

Tired Horse


FOUND by Andrew inside a teen-fiction library book

I worked for a small town public library which provided a great source for lost materials as patrons seemed to use anything nearby as a handy bookmark. Oftentimes, we’d try to reunited these misplaced items with their owners, but it wasn’t always possible. This was one such item that caught my eye. I doubt the drawing had intended to be related to the poem, but after re-reading the painful words, I found some kind of resonation between the two.