Found on the #77 eastbound Belmont bus on a Wednesday evening.

Kung-Fu Possum

I found this in an academic building at my college during a training session. It was crumpled up in a ball on the floor.

Big Plans

I still worry about this poor cat every day. Something tells me this kid has plenty of big plans — this is neither the first nor the last of them.

Akita and Overalls

This photo slipped out of a stack of used books I purchased at a library sale in central Arkansas. I don’t know which book it came out of, but it was a dog or cat book. The back of the photo says Nov. 1976. I think it is adorable. If I were the owner of … Continued


I work in a public library, every day i find amazing stuff stuck in books, this is one of my favorites found between the pages of “baby girl.”

Very Fierce

Found by a walking trail outside of town. I have absolutely no idea what it means!

Via Shoulder

I found this photograph lying in the street in front of my friend’s apartment building. I think it may have fallen out of the window of one of the other apartments. On the back there is a stamp that says “March, 82.”

Oh, It’s a Human!

Found this waiting in line at a drugstore. The fisherman looks very devious. It scares me that the fish can still think after it’s dead.


Saw this on a lamp-post whilst walking home.