Submit Your Finds Online

You FOUND something! Cool! Fill this out and prove you’re not a robot! Tell us where you found it, which city, and any reactions or interpretations you might have. Write one sentence or a couple of paragraphs, whatever you like. Give your find a name!

Images must be no larger than 5MB. Accepted file types: JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF Please note: Submitting a find does not guarantee its inclusion on this site.


#1. A good scan: A quality scan goes a long way. We get lots of wonky digital photos of finds which are totally unreadable. Or sometimes the paper is so crinkly as to render it unusable. Or the file size is so tiny that the find is far too pixelated… So open up your scanner, put your find down, put a white piece of paper on top. You could even press it down with a heavy book. Scan at 300 dpi, save as a jpg, write a compelling story about where you found it and upload! Keep them less than 5megs or they’ll clog the sink, and NO PHOTOS of finds, just scans puhleez. Thanks!

#2. Make it a real “find”: The best finds tend to be mysteries. We get lots of submissions saying “I found this in my daughter’s room” or “I found this in my grandma’s attic…” Without getting into a semantic discussion about what constitutes a “find,” we tend to share ones that come from sources unknown. Mysterious contexts. Not something your sister wrote when she was drunk at your party, but something that appeared stuck to your bike tire. Those stories tend to be infinitely more interesting.

PS- It may take a while (a week? four years?!) for finds to appear on the site and submitting one doesn’t guarantee its inclusion.