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Big Sheep Rancher!

Found by Michelle in our newspaper holder in Snohomish, Washington

This is Part 3 of 4. We own a sheep ranch in the mild climate of the Pacific Northwest, and have a livestock guardian dog which lives with the sheep to protect them from predators. She is a Maremma, bred for this purpose, and she likes her job of being lazy all day in a big field, hanging out with sheep and barking her head off at stuff. *Of course* she has a shelter with bedding, water, daily food and care (though sometimes she prefers to sleep in the rain anyway). But this person seems to feel the dog needs more in her life. Though it’s unclear exactly where we’re going wrong, given the amenities already available to our very valuable livestock protector. Who is leaving the notes is a curious mystery. They are interesting in their spontaneity, scrawled on scraps of paper with various different pens, some running out of ink; and some text running off the page. But the latest one was typed, enclosed in an envelope sealed with a cheerful Christmas stamp, and addressed in loopy penmanship “to our neighbor.”