Brownie Points 4 U

I work for my university to check-in and check-out camps from a dorm during the summer. We have to go through each room of the building to find lost items. We had just checked-out a christian camp and our building had all girls– no boys allowed. I found this note stuffed and folded in the … Continued

Ex Oh Ex Oh

I was taking a break from my run this morning at a shady picnic table in the park. As I leaned over to catch my breathe, I noticed a torn photograph scattered in the grass. I put the pieces together and discovered that someone probably had their heart broken recently.

Still Feeling the Lack of Medicine

Another mysterious paper from one of the university recycling bins during move-out week. I don’t think the relationship lasted long after that.

A Note for Yvette

Today, I discovered a note that was meant for some girl named Yvette in my bottom desk drawer. I estimate that I originally found it 6 to 8 years ago at my old high school. The note’s author cleverly censored her own name in case it fell into the wrong hands.

Pick on Someone Your Own Size

We found this inside an old copy of The Martian Chronicles that we were given in Sci-Fi class. The last time the books were checked out was 1979 according to the inside flap. I hope Greg and Heather worked things out.

Cheek, Kiss, Cheek, Kiss

I found this photo while on a date with my boyfriend– it was on a bench outside of a bookstore. He broke up with me later that night. I hope their love lasts longer than ours.