A Bad Kisser

I was substituting a fifth grade class and found this when I was cleaning up at the end of the day. It blew me away to think this kid was probably only 11 years old and he’s already been branded a bad kisser! Maybe we need to spend more time on SPELLING with Joey!

Remember My Promise

This note was found neatly folded on the stairs in my high school.

Cute Boy

This was folded, on the floor, beside a recycling bin in a classroom. I miss passing notes.

Continued Thursday

I found this in Best Buy. At first I thought it was written by a middle schooler but was later informed it is in fact by a high school student. Interesting… I mainly enjoy the fact that it had to be continued!

I’m Really Emotional

I teach at the high school and found this on one of the desks after class. I am happy to not know which of my students left this for me to find.

From Diz Bay On

I found this contract in front of my house. It seems that the lawyers who drafted the document weren’t too careful about security.

I Took My Meds

I found this little list on the sidewalk while walking my dog. There are both Catholic and public elementary schools nearby, but perhaps this fell from a middle schooler’s backpack as she departed the bus? I hope she remembered that fourth important item!

From the Sexy Table

I found this on the hallway floor in my junior high school. I think I know some of the people in this note, which makes me think I should reevaluate my group of friends.