Together in My Heart, Babe


FOUND by Sara in Albany Park, Chicago, Illinois

The other side of the page has the words “Long Lost Love” written inside of a broken heart. I think this is self-explanatory– this person is completely in love with Shakoria but his rival for her affections, David, is currently in her favor. My favorite line is “…you are thing that I want into a girl.” Oh, to be young and in love.

The Lounge


FOUND by Riam under a car carpet

I found this in the boot of my car after I bought it. It’s a Japanese car not sold in many places outside of Japan, privately imported to Australia around 8-10 years ago. When I cleaned out all the carpet inside the boot I found a squished packet of photos that I gather were developed in 1998 at Fujifilm in Japan.

A Boy on the Team


FOUND by Mark in Amherst, Massachusetts

My 13 year old daughter’s friend found this note tucked inside his locker at school. It’s not meant for him, and there are clues in the letter which may help them figure out who wrote it.

But the note contains something that makes it much more interesting than your typical middle school mystery love note: a secret recipe!