Honest Coffee Drinkers

My friends passed this on to me after finding it on the floor in their business’ cafeteria.

Man Dying

I found this crayon drawing blowing around in a pile of leaves outside of my apartment in September, 2004. I kept it, simply for the fact that it was so creepy. When I heard about FOUND this drawing came to mind. The drawing is haunting, especially after all the media attention to the Matthew Shepherd … Continued

Double Heeled

This photo was found in a drawer in a classroom of the alternative high school I attended. Since the school lacked funding, prom photos were taken by teachers with students posing in front of cheap backdrops. I’m not sure if the double exposure was an accident or done intentionally by a student in the darkroom.

Latte Love

I found this on my car one morning.

Bad Sister

A news flash blew into my front yard and it looks like Larissa is having a bad sister who fits a lot. Her name is Abby.


I found this slide today in an abandoned house pending tear-down. It’s dated 1964.

All About a Female

I was doing my laundry in a Suds-n-Duds while I was on a road trip in 1999. I think this was left behind by someone who was working there.