Double Heeled


FOUND by Angela in Wyoming, Michigan

This photo was found in a drawer in a classroom of the alternative high school I attended. Since the school lacked funding, prom photos were taken by teachers with students posing in front of cheap backdrops. I’m not sure if the double exposure was an accident or done intentionally by a student in the darkroom.

Man Dying


FOUND by Mark Voorhes in Laramie, Wyoming

I found this crayon drawing blowing around in a pile of leaves outside of my apartment in September, 2004. I kept it, simply for the fact that it was so creepy. When I heard about FOUND this drawing came to mind. The drawing is haunting, especially after all the media attention to the Matthew Shepherd incident. The drawing shows a person firing a bullet into the bodiless head of a screaming man while saying “Stop calling me a fag.” An arrow indicates the fact that the man is dying. The drawing is made on the back of a photo of a Dave Matthews t-shirt from a computer printer and carries the University of Wyoming Dept. of Theatre and Dance letterhead.