Part of a stack of index cards found by the trash outside of Lamplighter Roasting Co.

Looking Good

Today as I was leaving the mall I felt extremely thirsty so I stopped at a vending machine in the parking deck of the mall. As I reached down to get my soda I noticed this paper folded inside the soda retrieval area. It made my day.

See Ya Soonz

I found this note in the library.

Nail Studies

On my first day teaching a foundation art class at George Mason University I found these fingernail sketches on the sidewalk. They appear to be plans for designs to be painted on fingernails. The note on top reads, “Rainbow.” The designs tend to feature the top of the nail. There are floral elements and lots … Continued

Future Miss America

I was working a shift at Bath & Body Works the week before Christmas when I found this folded up on one of the shelves while cleaning up. I hope the maker of this list received at least one of these things for Christmas.

The Freshest Breath

Found this in the Pentagon, where I work. Looks like someone sent a care package to an airman who clearly deployed with his sense of humor.


I was in an elevator after a particularly rough day of classes when I looked down and found this on the floor. It was a nice reminder.

Bloodshot Red

A teacher’s report of inebriated student who disruptively demands a match.

Tuba Mantra

This was found in a notebook leaning up against the wall of an almost empty parking deck.

You Better Go Through with It

I found this note torn into little pieces and stuffed into a vintage sewing pattern envelope (for teen sportswear, ca. 1960). At first it seems like a pretty normal middle-school love letter, but that last line is a tad ominous!