You Better Go Through with It

I found this note torn into little pieces and stuffed into a vintage sewing pattern envelope (for teen sportswear, ca. 1960). At first it seems like a pretty normal middle-school love letter, but that last line is a tad ominous!

Really Drunk By Now

I found a blank book at the Goodwill, and the first few pages were filled with this stuff. Not sure if they are lines for a sitcom they are writing or if this person knew some pretty witty people.

New Study Habits

I found this in the UVA library. I assume two people were studying together. One apparently wanted to focus, the other wanted to go to a rave?

Wayne Said

Workplace conflict … one guy’s side of the story.

I Could Be Playing Halo

I manage a dog walking company so I’m out on street most every day and this is my most prized find! I’m amazed by it in general, especially the disregard the teacher had in her notes — it seems she was mostly worried about format over the truly psychotic nature of the text.

If You Don’t Hit

This was found taped above the toilet in a diner/gas station, in the Southwest part of the state. I’m guessing there must have been a pattern of not hitting the commode to warrant this note.

Old Blue Eyes

Found this picture on the street while walking down to the park. The baby looks real cute and has a big smile but the effects, from a bad print job and laying in the street for some time, make it look a little freaky.

A Big Surprise

My roommate found this in our mailbox right before Christmas. Apparently, there is a total nutjob in our neighborhood. The hand drawn map is the best thing … check out the continent of “Lesbians.” Wow.

The World

I found this folded up on the ground at my high school. I think it’s beautiful.

2 Sexy

Found in a classroom at Roanoke College. If the head only had a body on which to wear said shirt.