Your Warning

Parked for a few hours in the evening on a residential street and came back to find this note stuck on the window of my car. By the way, I didn’t have a backpack, nor am I bald (or male).

Both Sucked

My roommate found this note tucked into a used book from the college bookstore. Pretty intense.

A Kid Raising Kids

I found this note written on an envelope on the floor in my local post office. What I find interesting is the envelope has no address written on it. I wonder if it had ever got to the intended recipient or if it was just tossed. I feel bad for whoever wrote it.

Car Alarm

I found this on the ground in the parking lot of my apartments … the ending remarks are sweet.

Love Poem

I saw this piece of paper on the street, at the intersection of Bivins & James Streets. It was early Sunday morning and I was walking the dog and picking up trash. I picked it up. The poem is written on the back of a portion of the wine list from some restaurant.

That Girl

This note was found in a magazine (Men’s Health) that I found in a parking lot.

The Pledge

I walked out of my (shitty) apartment one spring morning in 1991 and found this message scotch taped to every post and pole along three blocks of McClintock Road. I use the find regularly in my fiction writing classes, and it still moves me after all these years. I wish the scanner could capture the … Continued

Need to Straighten Out

I found this while cleaning an office cubicle I was using as a temp. I find it haunting and beautiful.

Letter to God

I found this letter inside the book “A Walk Across America,” which was being sold at an estate sale. I bought the book (and kept the letter).

A Day in the Life of Ryan

I found this Post-It over ten years ago in front of my daughter’s grade school. It’s like a note home from Flannery O’Connor. I’ve thought about Ryan a lot over the years. I hope he’s ok.