More Justice

Here is the rest of the journal.

Budget Fun

Found this on the floor of a subway car going home one night. Amusing and sad.

In Spite of

Did she empty the account? THAT’S spite!

For Kyle

I found this five in the till at work when I was counting out the money at the end of the day. Of course as soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it so I switched it for a five of my own.

The Spy Plan

Espionage and counter-espionage in the park. I found this evidence of spies in our midst one spring day.

Blue Hamster

It never got mailed. Forty years later, found in a side pocket of a second-hand old Samsonite suitcase.

Golden Jubilee

Discovered behind the furnace, in the basement of a house I once lived in.


Found this in the top dresser drawer of a cabin we rented. I have it framed. We love Simone the paraplegic dog.