But I Am Leaving Soon


FOUND by Jason in Honolulu, Hawaii

I was on my way to work when this torn piece of paper caught my eye. The garbage collectors had already came by, but this seemed to have gotten away. It was written on card stock, and I think it was the inside front cover of a book or something. I’m not sure what kind of letter it is, if Hyunju is a guy or a girl’s name, or if that person even lives in my neighborhood. The letter starts well enough, then goes awry. “I’m so glad you are the one…” then “something about you…” and finally “about the shit you…” Aren’t those the words to Alanis’ “You Outta Know”?

I’d really like to find out the rest of this letter. It’s a quarter of something emotionally stirring, because it wouldn’t have been ripped liked this otherwise.

You Stubid


FOUND by Adam Staley in Mesa, Arizona

This was torn in pieces, found on our porch in the cup holder of our camping chair. It took a while to figure out what and who the note was intended for, but a neighbor girl obviously was quite upset about not getting a cupcake. We guess she abandoned the plan to deliver it, maybe because of the “overly harsh” language in the note. haha!