Donovan must have done something.

Not Going 2 Orlando

It seems the cleaning lady brought her daughter one day, and she must’ve repeated what she heard from mom. Yikes! I guess she must’ve done her homework– she spoke of Mickey Mouse just the other day.

Piggy Ransom

I found this between two pallets on the warehouse floor of my workplace, on the back of a flyer for discounted health care.

I AM WATCH U!! >:|

Found in our Chinatown– I guess someone really likes their magazines!

God Bless!

I work in a record store. Today the guy who lives in a van behind the doughnut store next door to us handed this note to the store manager. We have a history with him: he hates us, particularly our customers. There is much debate amongst the staff as to whether this is a “death … Continued

Here Are Your Choices

My dad just called me laughing hysterically- he found this note blown into his yard. Mike is his asshole neighbor’s kid who just graduated high school. Ha ha.

He Has the Contacts

We’ve had this posted up in our office for several years now, and only discovered your website recently. I found it on the pavement just up the street from my house while walking to my car. It wasn’t attached to anything, so maybe the culprit got away with his intended burglary. We wonder how he’s … Continued

Bitch Bag

Found outside my school. The heart at the end seems a little ironic.