Mexican Food Rox


FOUND by R. Plucy and Rob in San Jose, California

My friend Rob saw this in a parking lot and texted me, “thought you’d appreciate it as much as I did.”

P.S. I was in FOUND #8 2X! I read my name in it and thought, “Hey, someone has my name … whatever.” Then I looked at the thing again and thought, “Hey, that looks kinda like what I sent in,” then read the submitter name again. Yes! My publication that I’m most proud of perhaps!

Message in a Flashlight


FOUND by Holly P. in Central Wisconsin’s bog country

The basic story is this: I found this message rolled up inside a flashlight in a deserted patch of woods near my home. The area is not well traveled–pretty much me and one older woman, as we both walk our dogs through there. I’ve only visited there once since finding the flashlight with the message. Guess I don’t want to find out who Joey is!