NOT the Father

I was visiting my brother at his apartment and when I got ready to leave this was under my wiper blade. The truck I drive is a very popular model and color, so she obviously picked the wrong one. My brother does not know anyone in his complex named in the note.

Rules of Love

My wife is a teacher at a middle school and she found this gem in her classroom at the end of the day. I like the nibble on the ear definition oh and the kiss anywhere else.


I found this on the street by Austin Community College Rio Grande campus.

Lilian and Ismael

After storage auctions, we often find personal cards, letters, and momentos. In a recent locker in Waco, Texas we found a treasure trove of love letters between Lilian and Ismael. Ismael was here in Texas while Lilian stayed behind in Honduras. All of their passion was made all the more poignant when we found their … Continued

My Notice

I work in the library on campus, and found this when browsing through some of the files on the computer while bored. Rock on, AM.

A Dream Deferred

This was on the back of one of the bills given to me as change this morning. It makes me sad to think of some kid having to use the money they were saving toward their trip to the magic kingdom for other stuff.

Willie in Full Regalia

This gem found me, actually; it was wedged between the pages of a book I ordered from Amazon about a year ago.

Trailer Life

This was one of many photocopied photos I found at a playground; this is my favorite.


Found this in a storage shed that I bought at auction. The back just says FLOOD, which is pretty obvious.