Alone in the Middle

Left in our middle school library’s scratch paper bin (the punctuation made ME depressed).

Gangsta Love Note

I found this in front of the movie theater where my husband and I were going to see the newest Batman movie. It was in the street folded into a square and had been run and walked over repeatedly. I was so excited to have a find after visiting the site and reading the books … Continued

Pull the Cord to Exit

When I was twelve me and my friends would play around our church. It was built in 1910 and has tons of basements and boiler rooms and such, and was used for a bomb shelter at some point. Me and my friends were playing in the sacristy (where the priests gets ready) and behind a … Continued

You Can Fly

Discovered on the lawn of the Texas Memorial Museum in fall 2001, while leaving work. At first I thought it an excited inference concerning select evolutionary adaptations of the Texas Pterosaur Quetzalcoatlus, inside the museum. Or maybe an enthusiastic decision on the burning supper issue: pizza vs. hot wings. But it’s so whimsical that it … Continued

I Don’t Hate Jesus

I found this note rolled up inside a sock on my front doorstep.

Checking It Twice

I was hauling groceries back to my car I stepped on someone else’s shopping list. Flatly honest sentiment is a rare thing in December. I’ll sneak through the holidays with this stranger’s snit line in my pocket.

Check on the Graves

I found this little note while cleaning out my desk at work. I am pretty sure a child wrote it from the handwriting and content. I like the bit about tell me if the wind is still blowing. Thought it was a cute, yet disturbing, look into the secret lives of children.


I found this while walking along the side of the road. It made me wonder why it was lying in the grass on the side of the road, as opposed to on some parents’ refrigerator.