Donovan must have done something.

Bike Repair

I found this in a city park.

To Mother

Found this in my front yard while mowing.


I was working at a Red Cross shelter set up to aid victims of an apartment fire. These guys lost everything, so we were taking donations of clothing. In one bag of clothes, I found the attached note.

Ghost Cat

I found in a foreclosed home. There was a envelope that had several double exposures in it. I love how it looks like the cat is watching him bowl

A Note for Yvette

Today, I discovered a note that was meant for some girl named Yvette in my bottom desk drawer. I estimate that I originally found it 6 to 8 years ago at my old high school. The note’s author cleverly censored her own name in case it fell into the wrong hands.

Fashion Adventure

The bag. The sunglasses. The bandanna. The Man.

Back after These Commercials

I found this while walking my kids to elementary school. It was folded up and on the ground near the bus stop for the high school students.


They don’t allow cell phone use during school hours at most campuses in Austin, so if you have to text.

Meow to the 47th

I found this on a piece of scratch paper in the math lab at my school.