My best friend accidentally booked us rooms at the wrong motel the night of her wedding. This was the first thing I saw, when closing the door.

It Is Highly Decorous

I found this on a table in a coffee shop. There were two unused napkins sitting on the table. When I moved them, I noticed this note written on the bottom napkin. I had to look up the definition of “decorous.”

Continued Thursday

I found this in Best Buy. At first I thought it was written by a middle schooler but was later informed it is in fact by a high school student. Interesting… I mainly enjoy the fact that it had to be continued!

Move Closer

I found this when I went out to eat somewhere in town. It was lying on the floor next to the table.

Wall-Ball Rules

I found this in my neighborhood. It looks like it might have been taped prominently somewhere.

Parking Spot

My friend found this note in the parking lot at the University of Houston. Ho! Ho! Ho!


I found this business card while walking downtown.


Found laying by the sidewalk while walking my dog. Evette’s advice doesn’t seem to be getting through.

Car Alarm

I found this on the ground in the parking lot of my apartments … the ending remarks are sweet.

Guest Check

This was found this in a pair of pants purchased from a thrift store.