Alyssa’s Journal

While at a conference for work, a group of other attendees wanted to go to this thrift store. I was the only one to find something.

Aw Yeah

I found this on my street as I was walking to the rail. It was early in the morning. Certainly an amusing way to start my day.

WASP Spray

Found outside a pie shop by the curb. It was so poetically enigmatic that I taped it up next to my computer. I d never seen an animal on a shopping list before. Also, I like how the use of all capital letters inadvertently implies that the list-maker had an allergy to white, Anglo-saxon Protestants.

Happy Halloween

This jewel was found in 1997 in our friends’ (Angie and Kendall) front yard in Houston. We love this so much.


I found this outside the Communication Department at the University of Texas.

Dear God

Found this on the ground when I was leaving a weekend camp for kids. I thought it was great that this little guy a) thought to pray for his brother, b) that he thought to write it down, and c) monsters are still the scariest thing in his world.. I’m not a hardcore believer of … Continued

Wish To Kill

The faint writing at the bottom of this photo says: “Wish I could have killed him.” I wonder who was the person who had this murderous thought. Is it one of these men, or the photographer? Did the writer want to kill the men or perhaps the pack horse? I guess we will never know.


I found this note on the floor of my high school.