Wish To Kill

The faint writing at the bottom of this photo says: “Wish I could have killed him.” I wonder who was the person who had this murderous thought. Is it one of these men, or the photographer? Did the writer want to kill the men or perhaps the pack horse? I guess we will never know.


I came out of Office Depot one night recently to find this under my wiper blade. The weird part was that my car was the only one close to the store in the Office Depot parking lot at that hour. I guess I looked singularly clueless to someone who had been there and left. I … Continued

No Camp

This was found on the sidewalk outside the Southern Methodist University Bookstore on Mockingbird Lane.

Menu Planner

I found this in a trash can at the pregnancy clinic that I clean every weekend. I wonder if it were written as a note-to-self or a note to someone else. I think the latter would be pretty cute.

Kindred Souls

My classmates and I were working on a project in an empty dance studio at the University of Texas, and I had a printout of an email another classmate received, detailing the requirements of the project. I accidentally left it in the studio after class one day, and a week went by before I was … Continued

Kick It

Found on the cement outside a Starbucks.