On My Blue Jens

I found this, along with many other interesting things, at my high school. It is still unclear to me exactly the first line means, but I’m glad she included illustrations. Maybe she thinks she’s a diva. Who knows?


I bought a used copy of U2′s “Joshua Tree” on vinyl at a local record store and found this little note inside. I don’t know if Jeff ever found Emily’s proclamation of love, but it now has a spot of honor on our refrigerator. I think lusty thoughts each time I see it.


Found behind a file cabinet in the music library of my high school band room.

Dump Adam

Found this stuck to a page in the middle of a used book.

I Will Find a Way

Years ago, I knew a mentally handicapped fellow that would walk by my home almost daily. One day I went for the mail and found this lying on my driveway. I was moved with sadness for him because I knew he wanted to share his frustration with someone… but who could understand or do anything … Continued

Kiss It

A friend found this in a used booksale at the public library, though I don’t know the title of the book. Jonathon sure thought it was funny. Pops must not have agreed if he gave it to the library!


While perusing through books at a local used book store, I came across a book titled “Office Affair.” This inscription was on the inside page. Pretty interesting. Had to purchase the book.

Hung by Ducktape

I found this picture in the train station one day and thought it was hilarious and needed to be shared. I still to this day have no idea what’s going on.