Found two identical prints of this on the sidewalk downtown. On the back it indicates that it was processed at Walgreens on 1/5/07.

My Friend Frosty

I found this picture inside a hot pink envelope outside my friend’s house. We were having band practice and I was carrying a big amp up to the house- I noticed it because it was so bright with the sun shining on it.

Shopping List

Found this list coming out of the Wal-Mart Superstore.

The Fowl

Found this in a book at a used book store. The back says: “SHIRLEY FEEDING THE FOWL AT LAGUNA SCO PROB FALL 88 -THATS A SLICE OF CLARKS BREAD IN THE AIR-”


Found in an empty pew of a church.

In Need of Work

I found this posted on the bulletin board in the small-town grocery store where I work.


Somebody at work found this a year or so ago while mowing next to a busy highway in town. It has been propped up on a shelf since then, and every time I see it, I get the giggles. I think this is my favorite photo of all time!! She looks like she’s having a … Continued