Not a Bad Way to Kill a Week

This was found outside a Target store. Somebody (looks like girl’s handwriting) was planning an action-packed seven days!

Monkey Brain Bomb

I found this at the used book store where I work. We find cool stuff all the time but this is probably my favorite. Hmm, maybe I’ll start a magazine with all the stuff I find in used books. Nah, it’d never fly.

Colorful Diss

This was folded up in the middle of the road.

North vs. South

My son found this on his bus. I’m happy to know there are more hot guys here in New Hampshire!


Found inside of an otherwise empty photo album for sale at a thrift store downtown. Snagged it.

Connie’s Break-Up

I found this gem on a walk after a rainy day- hence the wet paper. I feel kind of bad for Connie but this made me chuckle.