Sorry, Rachel.

Found in tall grass section of local dog park. Genuine. Remorse. Second chance?

1920s Kind of Love

I found this on my podium with a bunch of other notes on the same-sized paper. The custodian likely put it there, but I’m not sure. I teach in a high school and thought this was pretty interesting compared to other things I’ve found. Tried to discreetly find the owner with no luck.

Snowed In

I found this in a photography book published in 1977. I think the author is referring to the great blizzard of ’78.

Gamers Ski Trip

David, Nick, and Rupert go on a ski trip…

Jeff Has The Right Idea

Some people have a lot to pray about. I wonder if God really cares about some of this stuff though?

October Haul

This was tucked away in an old photo album being sold at a Goodwill-type store in Sioux Falls. There were more pictures of these brothers (?) in their hunting gear.

Married at the Mega Mall

I am a real estate agent and I was showing a house. This was folded up in the middle of an empty room on the floor. I have pretty much showed it all around Pensacola. One of my friends said I should make it into a poster. Another friend said he wants and make it … Continued