Continued Thursday

I found this in Best Buy. At first I thought it was written by a middle schooler but was later informed it is in fact by a high school student. Interesting… I mainly enjoy the fact that it had to be continued!

Satans Daughter

I found this in Tappan Square, the central park of Oberlin, folded up and perched on a snowdrift. At first it was hard to tell if this was a parody, with all the teenage angsty cliches. Though the suicide threats are a bit scary, they are overwhelmed by the absurd satanic claims.

Aunt FLO

Found on the ground in the parking lot at work.

70s Group

A friend found this photo in the gutter downtown one day. Who are the girls? And who is the “token male?”

Fo Shizzle Dizzle

I found this on the ground while walking through a neighborhood in Santa Barbara. Very romantic if you ask me. HOLLA B!!


A grim forecast scribbled onto a piece of printer paper. The back reads “BECOMING A MAN (12 YEARS OLD)”

An Awfully Long Year

I found this on a bike path back when I was in high school. It was too priceless not to keep.

Fart Confession

This was on the floor of a Mac’s store washroom. This was the cleanest one of the bunch.