Radio Ghost

Found by David on the stairs of his apartment complex

I love a passive-aggressive note with a question that is rhetorical. “Has someone left a radio playing?” “Yes.” Sure it was probably pretty inconsiderate of that person, but this note is just lame. I think it was left by the little old lady who had the landlord cut down over 40 fifty year old trees because some teenagers were smoking pot behind a fence off the apartment building’s parking lot. Apparently, the trees were concealing their illegal activity. Boo. -David

Imported Kiss

This photo was Found by Raim

I found this in the boot of my car after I bought it. It is a Japanese car not sold in many places outside of Japan that was privately imported to Australia around 8-10 years ago. When I cleaned out all the carpet inside the boot I found a squished packet of photos that I gather were developed in 1998 at Fujifilm in Japan. I would like to know what these people’s lives were like and where they are now.