Piano Man, Part II

After poring through my archives, I found the companion photo photo for “Piano Man,” which was Find of the Day for Nov. 10, 2006. This appears to be part of some play, where the young man in the previous photo was impressing the ladies with his piano chops. Here, he appears to be escorting one … Continued

Continued Thursday

I found this in Best Buy. At first I thought it was written by a middle schooler but was later informed it is in fact by a high school student. Interesting… I mainly enjoy the fact that it had to be continued!

Satans Daughter

I found this in Tappan Square, the central park of Oberlin, folded up and perched on a snowdrift. At first it was hard to tell if this was a parody, with all the teenage angsty cliches. Though the suicide threats are a bit scary, they are overwhelmed by the absurd satanic claims.

Aunt FLO

Found on the ground in the parking lot at work.

70s Group

A friend found this photo in the gutter downtown one day. Who are the girls? And who is the “token male?”

Fo Shizzle Dizzle

I found this on the ground while walking through a neighborhood in Santa Barbara. Very romantic if you ask me. HOLLA B!!


A grim forecast scribbled onto a piece of printer paper. The back reads “BECOMING A MAN (12 YEARS OLD)”

An Awfully Long Year

I found this on a bike path back when I was in high school. It was too priceless not to keep.

Fart Confession

This was on the floor of a Mac’s store washroom. This was the cleanest one of the bunch.