Ms. Flirty

Found this inside a paperback at a used book sale.

“Going with”

I found this on the outskirts of a rest stop while driving with a friend from Milford, CT, to Doylestown, PA. I was walking Chico (the friend’s dog) and stumbled upon this scrap of paper blending in with the grass.

Taste the Fire

I found this note in the napkin dispenser at El Pollo Loco restaurant. Interestingly enough the girl filling napkins did have a beautiful face.

Both Sucked

My roommate found this note tucked into a used book from the college bookstore. Pretty intense.

What’s Crackin

I sat down next to this note on the bus. It’s written on the back of some sort of messenger delivery slip. Perhaps a delivery etiquette self-reminder?

Need to Talk about Prozac

This was found stuck to the counter at a busy downtown lunch spot where I work. I like to picture this as some dirty underground drug deal, but its probably some Eli Lilly drug rep needing to talk about infusing more Prozac into medicated America.

If You Have a Secret

I found this folded into an impossibly small square in the gutter in front of our local paper’s office.

Try New York

I found this note in the front left pocket of a pair of jeans I was trying on at the Bootlegger in the Burlington Mall. Oddly enough I had just been considering the idea of taking a trip to New York with a friend of mine. I don’t know what the # 28 represents though.