Sex for One


FOUND by Antony in Bristol

We won this book in a charity raffle at a gig on Valentine’s Day, and I got a big cheer when I went up to collect it. I was even more pleased when we found this amazing dedication inside. At first I assumed it was a present from a creepy older guy to a woman he had designs on; but, when I read to the end and saw a woman’s name, it took on a more poignant overtone.

The Long Sleep


FOUND by Pam on Turk Street, San Francisco, California

I found this kind note this morning on my regular dog walking route; ten feet away from a raccoon that had been “sleeping” next to the curb for about three days. It’s kind of heartbreaking to think of this person first noticing the raccoon, then taking the time to write the note and, I assume, very quietly place the note under the wiper so as not to wake the tired beast.