The Love Rival

I found this half-finished letter on the ground outside a liquor store, which seemed so fitting after I read it. So many unanswered questions.

He IS Real

I was taking the SAT a few weeks ago and found this on the floor behind me as I went to leave.

Cat in The Hat

I found this tithe envelope in a hymnal while attending my little sister’s Christmas concert a couple years ago. I’ve held onto it ever since because I love the youthful stream of consciousness and the memories of daydreaming in church.

Ashley Undermines

This was lying on the floor of our high school theater.

These Strange Midwestern People

I found this on the sidewalk by the Nelson Atkins Art Museum. I can’t help but wonder what specifically is so strange about Midwestern people – it remains a mystery to me.

Perfect Reader

Cute little drawing and note that I found at the city dumps.

When You Left

This still had a piece of tape stuck to it when I found it.

I Believe, Too

Shortly after being introduced to FOUND Magazine, I found this under a desk in my French class. I keep it on my desk by my computer and it makes me smile every time I see it.