Beautiful Day for Fish

He looks very content with where he is in life right now; it’s wonderful to see that. I also love that every thing seems to be one shade of blue or another… his shirt, pants, the water, his hat, the sky.

No More Bloodhorse

We found this whilst sorting through the recycling bins in our high school. It appears to be a message about horse racing but we have no idea who Josh and Sharon are and what they’re talking about.

That Gentle S-Curve

I was having coffee with some friends of mine and a homeless man gave us gems he’d found in dumpsters. My friends got a parasol, a zippo lighter, a flash, and a pack of batteries. I got a disposable camera full of many many almost identical shots of this man doing various things in his … Continued

Get Muscle

I found this flyer in a oversized messenger style bag for carry art materials. I was really excited with my flea market score; the bag was full of pockets and the pockets full of random half used canvas, pencils and notebooks. However, the real treasure was this note tucked in a sketch book of child’s … Continued

Patriotic Waterskiing

Wow. A three-tier waterskiing formation complete with American flags! Pretty amazing.

The Athletes

Found in the trash that was being discarded by the yearbook staff when they were cleaning out for moving. No names, dates, or other identifying info.

Nice Catch

I think my boyfriend might have found this one for me, but neither of us can remember for sure. It’s charming, though.

Michael’s Lost Letter

I found this in the parking lot outside a local gym a half block from my home. It was away from the cars in the centre of the lot and yet envelope doesn’t have a mark on it, like it just floated from the sky rather than blowing off a windshield or something. It was … Continued


One of the photos I found left in a computer lab scanner where I work.