Go Team!

I was cleaning up after a party and found this on a table.

Money Where Your Mouth Is

I received this dollar bill a while ago as change. I didn’t want to spend it, even when I needed an extra dollar–I’d always borrow instead. Something tells me that this was a bet. “I’ve got a dollar that says I can make this putt.” I wonder if those golfers have upped their antes since … Continued


I found this on the floor outside the canteen at college.

Club and Count

I found this in the parking lot of my high school during cross country practice and couldn’t resist. I used to play soccer, so I know just how that kid on the ground feels.

Skater Kids

This was in a desk in my school. My friends and I thought about taking it for a few weeks. I finally swiped it and I love it.

Sincerely, Austin

I found this note while I was out for a jog. It was sitting on a wet lawn in front of a neighborhood middle school. I ran past it without stopping to look at what it was and I continued on my run. I couldn’t get it out of my mind, so instead of doing … Continued


My first find! This was up against the fence at the Cemetery across from the football stadium. I think I figured out all the questions, but can’t see how heavy metal could lose out to screamo.

Shorter Shorts Always Win

I found this on the side of the road in Astoria, Queens. I’m guessing someone was angry with the winner because the photo is punctured right through his face. I hang it near my desk as motivation.