Inch Worm

So, I got out of my final class of the day, and headed to the student lounge to wait for my fiancée to get out of her last class– an hour or so difference. I passed by one of the tables, making a straight line to the comfy chairs in the corner of the lounge … Continued

Sir You Stink

I found this at the Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society, where I work. There’s not a single grocery store anywhere nearby. I wonder who the heck is eating their lunch IN the grocery store? I guess I wouldn’t want to smell Stinky Sir either, though.

Fart Confession

This was on the floor of a Mac’s store washroom. This was the cleanest one of the bunch.

Poops of the World

While at the library this week, I needed scrap paper, so grabbed one of those little pieces of paper that they have next to the card catalog for writing down call numbers or whatever. This is what I found on it.