Your First Parade

Found this in my driveway on a rainy day. Looks like a journal entry that slipped out of its book. Feels to me likes its written by a young mom.

Thank You Very Much

Found this on the floor of my apartment building, but I didn’t hear anything.

Glenda and Punkin, 1979

I found this photo in a book. I wonder how Glenda sleeps with Punkin sitting on her? She is really going to have a stiff neck, too. I couldn’t bring myself to throw this away, and I now keep it with my family photos. I hope when I die and they are going through my … Continued

Trust Me

Found this in my yard prior to mowing the lawn.

Put Jamba in Fridge

Someone used this to pay the $5 cover of our art gallery happy hour here in San Francisco. It made us laugh.