I found a series of black & white photos from a thrift store going out of business.

My Nightmare

I found this near my house.


Part of a stack of index cards found by the trash outside of Lamplighter Roasting Co.

Blood on the Floor

Found this little gem on the sidewalk. My friends and I found it strange that the writer shows no concern about the blood or the fact that the recipient was strangely still “sleeping” in the middle of the day, and instead was worried about feeling unloved themselves. Huh.

Tay in deep SH**!!

I found this crammed in the back of a dresser in a hotel room I was doing maintenance in.

You’re Right

In fall of 2005 I took my first trip alone to visit my grandmother. We were taking a walk near the Quaker Meeting House when I saw her dog curiously sniffing a folded paper. Upon investigation I found this! And, to my great pleasure, about 100 feet down the road was another small note, this … Continued