Dear Saab Girl


FOUND by Andi Burnham on the car windshield in a parking garage

I parked in a different spot than usual at work, and came out to my car to find this gem tucked under my windshield wiper. Annoyed, and thinking it was a ticket or reprimand for parking where I shouldn’t, I was pleased/disturbed to find this note instead. Typed, printed, and with clearly a bit too much thought put into it.

Ten I See


FOUND by Lyle Lanley on a baseball field

My brother, another guy and I went to this field to throw around the football and found this note. I actually left my sweater there so it’s maybe the universe’s way of evening things out; find something, lose something.

A Boy on the Team


FOUND by Mark in Amherst, Massachusetts

My 13 year old daughter’s friend found this note tucked inside his locker at school. It’s not meant for him, and there are clues in the letter which may help them figure out who wrote it.

But the note contains something that makes it much more interesting than your typical middle school mystery love note: a secret recipe!

Shh My Ass


FOUND by Elaine B. in Albany, New York

Love (or friendship) note left beneath my windshield wiper; my name’s not Maria but my license plate frame says “I’m a librarian and I will shush your ass.” Maria must be pretty awesome since the author says there should be “1 million more of her.” On the other hand, the author wasn’t sure if Maria is a librarian or not, so might not know Maria very well at all. I am a librarian at a local university and was parked in the student lot, so I presume this is from a student, but there are no librarians named Maria on campus. I hope Maria learns someday how highly this author, and presumably others, think of her.