Food For Thought

I found this book on the ground a few years back. Just the other day I found it again and, while reading it, I began to think that someone had written it to me until I got to the bottom and read ‘Cookie’. It is filled with so much love that I wish someone had … Continued

The Dangers Of Not Smoking

I’ve had this for awhile and not sure where I found it. I like the fact that the P.S. is in different ink, which means Patty added the obesity reference some time after the original note was written.

Birthday Greetings

I found this among our twin sons’ 10th birthday detritus. Okay, so Conor’s not perfect, but does Ramon have to be so honest about it?


Found in the drawer of a bookshelf of a closing bookstore. She seems to love her presents.

Dear Grandma

Found in a used copy of Ronald Reagan’s book “In God I Trust” in a used bookstore in Portland.

Birthday Smile

I found this abused Polaroid stuffed into the center of a Cholla cactus. The girl’s birthday smile seems at odds with the treatment of the photo, which is crumpled and slightly burned in one corner. Perhaps due to anger between mother (maybe the woman with a matching smile in the background) and father, now no … Continued

Spandex for Xmas

This was in a box of letters, photos, postcards and other items, abandoned in the attic by the prior owners of the house my brother bought recently.

Not a Bomb

I found this outside of my building. There was probably a nice Christmas card inside.