What I Want for Christmas

This fell out of a book I picked up at the public library. The wish list was tucked inside of a thank you note for some other Christmas presents. She certainly put her request in early (or really late) for Christmas. The thank you note was mailed in 1971 and I wonder if she ever … Continued

Transition Period

I’m a librarian here in St. Paul. While going through some older books on our shelves, I found this gem. We immediately thought to share with Found! Love the part about Dale not getting any presents for Christmas.

Creepy Like That

Last week, as I was driving home from work, I noticed a white bag under my windshield wiper blade. I get close to my house and have to wait at the train crossing. I check inside the bag and find this note and a snack bag of chocolate covered Door County cherry raisins, and a … Continued

Blacklight List

I found this on the floor by the sinks in the girls bathroom at my high school. Sounds like fun? On the back it includes “927.84XX LED -The Lizard King (crossed out) KER – On the Road JOY – Jeemes Eoyce DUN -Say you love satan KOE – Stoner & Spaz.”


Found this on the back of a “NO FARTING” sign.

Food For Thought

I found this book on the ground a few years back. Just the other day I found it again and, while reading it, I began to think that someone had written it to me until I got to the bottom and read ‘Cookie’. It is filled with so much love that I wish someone had … Continued

The Dangers Of Not Smoking

I’ve had this for awhile and not sure where I found it. I like the fact that the P.S. is in different ink, which means Patty added the obesity reference some time after the original note was written.

Birthday Greetings

I found this among our twin sons’ 10th birthday detritus. Okay, so Conor’s not perfect, but does Ramon have to be so honest about it?


Found in the drawer of a bookshelf of a closing bookstore. She seems to love her presents.