Late Birthday Present

I found this on the Tube. An absent father mails his daughter some jeans with peanut butter and this accompanying letter, I assume.

Bird Of Paradise

Found this in the front cover of the book “A Practical Guide to Unemployment Insurance.”


I bought a used copy of U2′s “Joshua Tree” on vinyl at a local record store and found this little note inside. I don’t know if Jeff ever found Emily’s proclamation of love, but it now has a spot of honor on our refrigerator. I think lusty thoughts each time I see it.

A Less Difficult World

Found this note on the title page of a secondhand copy of a book of Adrienne Rich poetry. I like to think Doris gave Sam the book early on in their courtship, and I hope things worked out for them!

Genevive and Kristopher

I found this at work on the floor below mine, and I’m now trying to find out who Genevive is so I can return it to her. Might be a nice keepsake.

Safe Sex

I found this one and I’m VERY pleased to make my first submission to FOUND!!


Found during the holiday season at Cary Towne Center Mall. Believe in you always!

Bite Me

Just something I found on a walk.

Easter Egg Icon

I found this behind a shelf in the Ballard Fred Meyer store. I guess it’s a note from an Easter past.

Birthday Present & Dance

My boyfriend, Justin, found this near the portals by our school. I always wondered how people found such interesting notes to send in, and now I finally get to know what its like. I wonder if Hailey goes the middle school across from my high school, or the elementary school? And what was the present … Continued