Real Crimes

I think Found is a literary garage sale and the world is the garage! This was found as I was walking home from the movies. Was it written by a driver that was nabbed by traffic cops? Maybe the person thought the Denny’s employees should be fighting crime rather than serving eggs?

Signed, Mr./Mrs.”X”

Found on our apartment door the morning after a party. It must have been one hell of a party.


This was found in the streets – a disturbing note from the crime scene of a homicide.

Thug Hottie Style

I work for the Purdue University Police Department and found this on the sidewalk on campus.

What If

Found this in the parking lot of the Double Tree Hotel. I live there as a student.

The Police Are Responding

I had just moved into a new house where some dodgy pipe work kept me awake at night. At 4 am during a fit of sleepless rage I pulled up the floorboards to find not pipes, but this note. As far as I am aware there are no schools nearby but what concerns me more … Continued