They Do

I found this broken 35mm negative in front of a wedding photographer shop, along with other cut negatives. I love the vintage color, the clothes, the groom and bride looks and the plant behind!

Masked Lady

I found this photo in a library book that was sold. The book was “The Adventures of Moll Flanders.”

She Kicks Ass

I found this photo in the front of a photo album I bought at a thrift store years ago. It was the only photo in the book.

A Tiger Behind the Wheel

I found this in an outside zipper compartment of a purse I bought at a garage sale in Oklahoma. This can’t possibly be this little girl’s real hair, and I really hope she wasn’t planning on driving after the picture was taken, although she seems to take herself pretty seriously and probably THOUGHT she was … Continued

The Woman in Blue

This picture fell out of a book I had borrowed from the New York Public Library.  It looks like it might be a wedding, but intrigued.  Is she the mother of the bride or groom?  A grandmother?