We found him in the snow.

Bush Baby

I work at a medical school and I found this gem on my way out of the main entrance to the college. After a long day at work, it definitely made me giggle!

I Want Your Life

Found while working at Target. I couldn’t decide if it was a song, a poem, an ode. Whatever. But it was pretty deep.

You Little Pimp, You

Found in a students notebook left at the dining hall at Philadelphia University. Must say I’m a little jealous of “Babyboy.”

37 Cents

I found a few note cards like this in the science hall when I was in high school.

Keep Your Head Up

Found this on the sidewalk … the burn mark and the message don’t go together at all. I wonder what happened between them.

Bite Me

Just something I found on a walk.

Students are the Best Target

I found this facing up, on top of a recycle bin in the PSU library. The CAPS LOCK and the slowly diminishing formatting are what really draw the line between a Speech Com assignment gone horribly wrong and a paranoid rant.