Birthday Goat

I found this picture in a disposable camera while working on a college campus. There were also a bunch of birthday pictures that turned out really faded. I found it funny that only the goat picture was the only one that survived. Since then I’ve had it taped to my car visor to remind me … Continued

Would You Make a Deal With Me?

My mom’s boyfriend found this on his windshield behind a church in Erie. What we’ve been debating is whether the guy who wrote this is either really old or if he was writing on top of a piece of concrete.

Money Where Your Mouth Is

I received this dollar bill a while ago as change. I didn’t want to spend it, even when I needed an extra dollar–I’d always borrow instead. Something tells me that this was a bet. “I’ve got a dollar that says I can make this putt.” I wonder if those golfers have upped their antes since … Continued

4 Weeks

I found this suspicious post-it note outside of the building I work in. I find it amusing that, since there are no grade schools around, the probability that a grown-up drew it is pretty strong. Mostly, I like the pentagon-shaped head and shark teeth. Anyway, I hope Jones is okay.

Buy Jewelry

Found taped to a stop sign while I was riding my bike through the neighborhood. Most likely not actually a memo from the wife, as the handwriting indicates otherwise. I guess some kids thought they’d post a memo to unappreciative husbands everywhere. Maybe interfamilial memos are the way to go.

Taking A Piss

I found this sign in the one of the bathrooms in my office building. Obviously someone got pretty pissed off when they went to sit on the toilet!


This was found in Philadelphia on the sidewalk on the 1400 block of Lombard St in June, 2004. I found it terribly amusing in that “the information you shared with me will remain confidential and will not bee seen or read by anyone but myself,” but I found it folded in quarters and laying on … Continued

Have You Discussed Any Deal?

I found these pages while walking my dog (I only happened to be on this street to avoid a potentially vicious dog). What fascinates me, besides the misspellings and omissions, is that there are apparently five more pages of this stuff. I think I’m going to start carrying pepper spray.

Early 50s

I bought a DVD video recorder from a Wal-Mart outside Philly. The recorder had been purchased and returned, as evidenced by the missing cables, crumpled manual, and, best of all, a photo CD left in the machine. The CD is titled “Early 50′s” and shows a vacation to Washington DC and an elementary school graduation, … Continued