Drinking and Playing Cards

I found this old Polaroid in a coal miner’s house in the Bull’s Head section of Scranton. I’m not old enough to date the photo, but I’d guess 1950′s. There were other pictures with it, but this is the one I kept.

The Divide

I found this photo in a book I bought at an estate sale in my neighborhood. After finding the picture, I went back to the sale to see if there were any others shots like this, but there were only the usual family photos. All I could find out about the family was that they … Continued

New Trick

Part of a stash of photos my friend Jess found scattered in the basement when she moved into her house. It was likely taken under I-95 in Philadelphia.

Moral Inventory

I found this note while walking to the El on the way to a job interview early in the morning. Wish I could read this person’s poetic interpretations of the other ten steps!

That Gentle S-Curve

I was having coffee with some friends of mine and a homeless man gave us gems he’d found in dumpsters. My friends got a parasol, a zippo lighter, a flash, and a pack of batteries. I got a disposable camera full of many many almost identical shots of this man doing various things in his … Continued

Hello Peanut

I found this in my school’s broadcasting studio.


I found this note on the ground while taking the baby for a walk in our ritzy little neighborhood.

Welcome to My Cubby

My wife and I buy and sell used books, and we often find little treasures tucked away in them. This was found in a book of children’s poetry, written on the back of deposit slips for a bank in WA. The whole thing is so sweet; we really hope they’re still together. And we’d love … Continued

Take a Break for a Minute

I found this piece of paper crumpled in a ball near some dumpster on my way to work.