That Gentle S-Curve

I was having coffee with some friends of mine and a homeless man gave us gems he’d found in dumpsters. My friends got a parasol, a zippo lighter, a flash, and a pack of batteries. I got a disposable camera full of many many almost identical shots of this man doing various things in his … Continued

Hello Peanut

I found this in my school’s broadcasting studio.


I found this note on the ground while taking the baby for a walk in our ritzy little neighborhood.

Welcome to My Cubby

My wife and I buy and sell used books, and we often find little treasures tucked away in them. This was found in a book of children’s poetry, written on the back of deposit slips for a bank in WA. The whole thing is so sweet; we really hope they’re still together. And we’d love … Continued

Take a Break for a Minute

I found this piece of paper crumpled in a ball near some dumpster on my way to work.

Image Is Decay

Found this in my college hall shortly after a freshman alcohol workshop. It appears to be a very controlled rant, or the beginning of a poem. I have no idea why it was left behind, because parts of it were carefully erased and redone and the handwriting is so deliberate.

Always With Love, Dad

This was in a library book I checked out the other day. I’ve come across papers that others have left in books before, but none this poignant. I hope he’s OK.

This Is a Whale

I found these notes stuck together on one of the sweeping lawns of the Philadelphia Main Line. I always have my eyes peeled for treasures while doing my daily walk. I chalk this little gem up to the battalion of leaf blowers that have been active for the past few weeks

I AM WATCH U!! >:|

Found in our Chinatown– I guess someone really likes their magazines!