No Matter How Funny It Is

I found this note on my way to class at the University of North Carolina. I walked past it, but came back to pick it up. It has a teacher’s response to a student’s paper on the front and I flipped it over to find the note.

Happy Thanksgiving

I found this note on day in my classroom after the kids left. I was initially sad to hear that somebody had a rough morning and then i realized that some of the kids hadn’t been on task the entire time during the period dedicated to silent sustained reading.

Ted and Allyssa Note

It seems Ted’s heartfelt apology isn’t enough to win back Allyssa… I especially love the little cartoons; Allyssa’s crossed out his and drawn one of her own. Do you think she’s stabbing him?

Erin and Tiffany

I was walking to my math class when I noticed a bunch of little pieces of paper strewn across the hallway. I stole my math teacher’s tape, lost my participation points in class and slowly taped it all together, discovering the secret lives of Erin and Tiffany.


My friend and I found this behind a hymnal in church one Sunday. I feel bad for the kid; when I was little I didn’t like grown-up church either.

Journal Entry

I work at a recycling center (and find enough things to start my own ‘found’ site). I thought this was FOUND-worthy because of the author’s unique style. Maybe they’re now hard at work on the next “great American novel???”

And Pass it to Each Other

I’ve known about your site for a few months. Thus, I was jazzed to find the attached 3×5 “Communion, worship, visitors’ [sic] record” card in the third pew of Grace Lutheran Church in LaGrange, Illinois, my hometown. I was there for my nephew, Greg’s, baptism at the 10:15 a.m. service on August 1, 2004. In … Continued