A Bad Kisser

I was substituting a fifth grade class and found this when I was cleaning up at the end of the day. It blew me away to think this kid was probably only 11 years old and he’s already been branded a bad kisser! Maybe we need to spend more time on SPELLING with Joey!

Do You Realize?

I don’t know who these people were, I don’t know if the note was actually delivered or just written as a sort of catharsis, but the whole story is right there.

Hey Gurl

My friend and I had just finished a swim meet and we were about ready to get into her car and drive home. We saw a friend in the park and walked over to chat. As we were talking and roaming I looked down and saw a folded up piece of paper.

My Little Vampire

I found this on a lonely bench at my school after a long, hard day. The simplest things can make you feel better, they really can.

Continued Thursday

I found this in Best Buy. At first I thought it was written by a middle schooler but was later informed it is in fact by a high school student. Interesting… I mainly enjoy the fact that it had to be continued!

I’m Really Emotional

I teach at the high school and found this on one of the desks after class. I am happy to not know which of my students left this for me to find.

Ex Best Friend

I found this on the ground outside of my old elementary school. Girls will be girls.

Dear Dumplin’

I found this in the library at my high school.

Smooth Operator

I work in a small college library and one morning this was sitting by one of our computers. I’m not sure if Tony AKA “Cash” is a student here or one of our public access patrons, but clearly he’s as smooth as can be.

I Took My Meds

I found this little list on the sidewalk while walking my dog. There are both Catholic and public elementary schools nearby, but perhaps this fell from a middle schooler’s backpack as she departed the bus? I hope she remembered that fourth important item!