Wake Up Crying

I was looking in my library’s for sale section, and found a nice made-from-scratch empty notebook for just twenty five cents. I picked it up and thumbed through it to see if it had been used at all, and I found one page in the back that had been written on. It’s incredibly interesting to … Continued

Like Gomer Pyle

This was buried deep in a box of old fabric that was given to me.

Learning to Swim

This is from Julie’s 6th grade yearbook (1972).


They don’t allow cell phone use during school hours at most campuses in Austin, so if you have to text.

Destine Destiny Destinee

I found this notebook while walking through my neighborhood. Oddly, this is the only page with what seems to be a child’s handwriting. The rest of the notebook contains a few recipes and some notes from the Franklin Covey time management program in very neat handwriting. There is no name or contact information. I think … Continued

Hang Out with Just You

I was walking down the street on the clusterfuck of a day that is moving day, September 1st, in Boston. This girl needed me to watch her stuff in the driveway of her apartment building while she went to work, but also invited us in to ransack anything left by her roommates. Among the loot … Continued

Atin-lay Ig-pay

A friend found this in the hallway and knew I’d get a huge kick out of it. They were right!

From My Butt

Note between two or more students. Subject uncertain.