I have found that the more interesting finds I come across on my lunch hour are near a neighborhood school. Personally, I think Delorian could do better. Maybe someone who knows how to spell “model.”

To Die For

Found this note in between pages in a book that I checked out from the library. The last line really gets me.


I found this on the front lawn of my school. I’m kind of in awe that he has the guts to tell people about it openly.

Words Running Short

Found in the used books section at the Gordy Plaza Goodwill near Wilmington. Just what does “fening for a cigarette” mean? Val, honey, you can do better.

A Damn Test

This is the best thing I ever found. I found it outside a youth center in Seattle. I like to imagine young Matt taking hours laboring over this note. I’m not sure if you can tell, but the last rhyme was erased and rewritten many times. Ah…young love. Enjoy!

Baby Gurl

A pretty interesting back and forth dialogue about the BIG question.

Luke’s Little Sister

Found in the middle of what I thought was an empty notebook I bought at a thrift store.

You, Yes, You

I found this near the bus stop of an elementary school.