Happy Thanksgiving

I found this note on day in my classroom after the kids left. I was initially sad to hear that somebody had a rough morning and then i realized that some of the kids hadn’t been on task the entire time during the period dedicated to silent sustained reading.

And Pass it to Each Other

I’ve known about your site for a few months. Thus, I was jazzed to find the attached 3×5 “Communion, worship, visitors’ [sic] record” card in the third pew of Grace Lutheran Church in LaGrange, Illinois, my hometown. I was there for my nephew, Greg’s, baptism at the 10:15 a.m. service on August 1, 2004. In … Continued

No Room for Emos

Written on the back of a school notice, and found in a desk during parent/teacher conferences.

Dear Bobby

Found in parking lot. Bobby is an uncaring bastard.

A Little Extra Emphasis

I was walking through the hallways of my high school and I stumbled upon a bunch of papers by the theater door. Intrigued, I stopped and picked up a few of the papers. I wonder why someone was so pathetic that he or she deserved four lines underneath the word.

That’s Just Nasty

I found this inside a library book about kids’ science experiments at the Phoenix Public Library.

I’m Confused

I found this while hiking deep in the woods.

Pop Man

I found this folded like a note passed between girls in middle school. It was in an alley near a bunch of apartments, one of which was reputably inhabited by meth dealers. I can figure out what a “cellie” is, but what’s a “pop man”?


I have found that the more interesting finds I come across on my lunch hour are near a neighborhood school. Personally, I think Delorian could do better. Maybe someone who knows how to spell “model.”

To Die For

Found this note in between pages in a book that I checked out from the library. The last line really gets me.