With Sincere Appreciation


FOUND by Jan Mundo at the corner of 79th Street and York Avenue, New York City, New York

This letter of appreciation was taped to a streetlight pole on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Because greeting cards and hand-written notes aren’t commonly seen posted in the city (they’re taken down by law), it caught my attention. I read the note, which seemed as if it had been written by an elderly person, then went on my way. After half a block, I turned around after half a block to go back and snap a pic. The writer’s public expression of thanks moved me. (The offending manhole cover, which is set a few inches lower than street level) has still not been fixed — in case that part is difficult to read.)



FOUND by Dave K. in Rochester, New York

This was one of those random, “what’s that?” moments. I just thought I was picking up a piece of trash to toss in the handy grey plastic municipal garbage bin on the corner. Then I read it. Point #3, and why it would be one of someone’s personal boulders, pretty much convinced me that I had to keep it. By the time I got to point #9 I just wanted to meet the person that wrote the note.

I Will Get You So Pregnant


FOUND by Dave Krugman in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York City, NY

I was walking along Metropolitan Avenue to meet some friends for a patio beer. This note blew across my path. It was folded in two, and I thought there might be a note written inside. Turned out there was!

I found it to be both mysterious and hilarious– written with a lyrical pace in two different colors. It made my day. Earlier I found five bucks on the ground, but this was the find with true value.