Cake in the Face

Found this outside my apartment while walking my dog in the morning.

Please Don’t Ticket

I found this sticky note on my neighborhood’s sidewalk in a fall windstorm, no tire-free cars in sight.

Ashley Undermines

This was lying on the floor of our high school theater.


Not sure what’s going on here. Rescued from the recycle bin.

Who Told You I Was a Bedbug?

I found this in my NY Public Library Book. The book was the Complete Candida Yeast Guidebook – which might make it more creepy. I thought one of my coworkers had drawn it and stuck it in the book because we have conversations about how scary bedbugs are sometimes.

Paris, September 1940

I was seated at a table in a restaurant and I felt something under my shoe; as I reached down, I could already see the faces of the women in this photo. Upon closer inspection I was most surprised by the gestures of the women. It seems that they are mocking Hitler. The lower left … Continued

Fleet Week

Found on the 6 train during Fleet Week.

September 1984

Found it when I went to use the self-serve station at a Staples. On the back was just “September 1984.” No idea who it belongs to or where it came from, but I’m guessing the person before me has been looking for it for a while.

Happy Brothers Photos

I found this while clearing out scanners at an NYU student computer lab where I was working as a lab tech. We kept it in the lost & found for a year but it was never claimed. I love the palpable sense of fun and camaraderie. I also love the skirts. On the back is … Continued

Brother, You Should See the Grasshoppers

This is a postcard I found under the floor of my attic. There’s enough name info here it could be interesting to some living family of the sender and recipient.