Chinese Ballet

I found this on the sidewalk outside of Bazini’s.

Trick on the Big Guy

During high school renovations, the yearbook was discarding “trash,” which was a treasurefest for finds such as this.

Creepy Santa

During a renovation project at our high school,when the lockers were detached fromt the walls there were several items that had somehow made their way behind the lockers. This was one of them. There are no dates or names on the back. This santa creeps me out.

Butter Nosestrips

I found it in a shopping cart on Mother’s Day.

Strong Letter to Follow

This was tucked into a book about interiors on a book at the Gramercy Book Table Street Fair.  Not sure what it is, simple form you send out to get paid or what? Then I looked up if people even sent telegrams anymore … not since Feb 2006 according to Wikipedia.

Lost Cat

I saw about 5 or 6 of these posted near the corner of Broome St. and Broadway. Oddly none had any contact information included. It turns out that this was written on the back side of a flier for a Psychic Shop. So, will the psychic know the number of the person who finds the … Continued

Clam These Items

My office has several kitchenettes throughout the building. Once a month, the refrigerators are cleaned and unmarked items are thrown away. This warning note was found next to several Tupperware containers after the monthly purge. Of note: my office is a publishing company.

Atin-lay Ig-pay

A friend found this in the hallway and knew I’d get a huge kick out of it. They were right!

Glasses ‘n’ Classes

Found in yearbook cast-offs. Date on the board and the vampire teeth means it was a Halloween party.

Halloween ’96

I am intrigued by both the girl on the right’s lack of enthusiasm and the fact that the house number is 12345.