I found this obviously-forged note on the ground. I like to think that the person who wrote it was very proud of their forging skills and was distraught to discover they had lost their masterpiece.

Mom Had Her Own Life

Found this casually discarded by itself on top of a bookshelf in the main reading room of the New York Public Library (the Stephen A. Schwarzman building to be specific). I am torn between thinking it’s sad that a mom couldn’t say this in person to her kids, it sounds like she abandoned them, and … Continued

Just Kids Being Kids

Found amongst the school yearbook department’s discards last year.


Found walking down Kent Street. We think it’s a couple just after a baby is delivered.

PTA Calendar Dinner

I decided to take a look through the old album pages that I had found awhile back. This was on a page in which “PTA Calendar Dinner 1957-58″ was written in white grease pencil on black paper. There are other pictures from his page, they are both close-ups of the table settings.

Playground 1957

From pages of an old album found in the back of a cabinet. Those dresses and shoes do not look monkey-bar friendly.

Death Be Not Proud

Found the details of a funeral on this USO paper after a parade.

I Didn’t Realize

Found in the back of a Harry Potter book in the high school library. Too bad they didn’t check a box at the bottom, I’d really have liked for them to have quantified the coolness.