Bird Of Paradise

Found this in the front cover of the book “A Practical Guide to Unemployment Insurance.”

Financial Escape Plan

I found this note folded up as I was watering the plants in the yard. I would love to know how this story continues.

Spring Break Budget

I am a professor who teaches large chemistry classes. I found this paper on desk in the back of the class on my way out of the room after a lecture. I looked at it and saw that it was a Spring Break budget with specified categories. Clearly this student had his/her mind on “chemistry” … Continued

Print Jobs

Typically you print and go retrieve your stuff, especially if its not work-related. Someone forgot his personal print job.

37 Cents

I found a few note cards like this in the science hall when I was in high school.

Cocksucker Sinatra

On the way to the movies, I spotted this sign on the side of the road. I had to come back a second time in order to pick it up. It wasn’t until then did I see that its lovely little message was sprawled on a Frank Sinatra album. Hope he got the rent.

What Makes Me Smile

I found this today on the floor of my bank. I saw it while standing in the deposit line and laughed to myself as I read it. As I left the bank, I couldn’t help but pick it up. It was so cheery. I know what makes me smile, too.

Poor Ron

My friend and I found this in our student union at Bowling Green State University. It was written on the back of an advertisement for a free spaghetti dinner at the local Catholic Church. We thought it was pretty ironic that Ron would try to get money out of college kids. I hope he at … Continued

Gimme $300

I think my friend Joanne spotted this one last year when we visited the Bahamas.

Don’t Eat It

I thought this was the cutest note.