Dear Tooth Farey

I found this while going through old papers.

Forget the Army

I just found this in a forgotten packing box in my own garage, and have no idea how it got there.

Peace for Sale

Found this on a walk through the neighborhood.

Aly’s Hair Care Salon

I found this price list for Aly’s Hair Care Salon blowing around outside. My favorite selection is the “Suprise Hair-Do.”

In a Bald Mood

I picture the person who lost this as an old hippie with wispy, shoulder-length gray hair who laments the loss of his youth and hair.

Abe Shag

Someone I served left this on my table; of course I put it back into circulation.

Honest Coffee Drinkers

My friends passed this on to me after finding it on the floor in their business’ cafeteria.

Daddy Give Me This

A couple of years ago, I received this 5 dollar bill as change from, I don’t remember where. On it is written, “Daddy give me this. 11/19/05 He said it would be the last he ever give me. I love Daddy.” Recently while scrounging for loose change with which to pay some bills, I lay … Continued