Shaping Up


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FOUND by Rebecca in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

This was at a thrift store in Sioux Falls. I bought the notebook without actually realizing that there was highly personal stuff in it.

Judging by the contents of the rest of it, it was owned by a girl who was in high school in 2004 and participated in power-lifting. She’s taking these goals pretty seriously, since each numbered point has a whole other page that expands on it. Hopefully she made it out okay.

Flex Card Flexxin’


FOUND by Steve at Valdosta State University, Valdosta, Georgia

This artistic gem was discovered abandoned in a classroom. It appears to be preliminary drawing of a cover for an album titled, “Money Made Bitch.” The artwork is superb; it either features A) a man flying through the are while his legs disintegrate into dollar bills; or, B) a man lying down shooting dollar bills out his ass. A bystander stands behind this dollar bill man and cheers him on with a hearty, “Yeaaa!!”

Despite the effort put into the album’s cover, the music itself appears more preliminary. Thus far, only one track is certain, and will bat lead-off on Money Made Bitch. I’m sure this song, titled “Flexcard Flexxin’” is bound to be a delightful ditty. [Note: "flex cards" are used by students to purchase meals on campus]