Room 391


FOUND by Franklin W. in the Westwood Library

This is a library check out receipt, for a book called Before I Fall. I love the absolute seeming mundane nature of the note, the impossibly small perfect handwriting, and then the final Room 391. Tiramisu leads to a double date query, which leads to a hot tub session, and then they’re in the room.

Wisk You Away


FOUND by Nicola Borland in Los Angeles, California

I found this note on the ground at my local dog park in Highland Park. I went to pick it up and throw it away when I noticed what it was. The only people that go to this park are ones with dogs, so I hope that their dogs like each other too! Although I have to say that the park on is not really the best place to wear a “fabulous dress”! I wish them all the best.