Fall in Indiana

I found a strip of photo film negatives several months back and had been carrying them around in my purse until today, when I decided to scan them and see what they were. Anything to avoid work. It was four pictures taken on Halloween (my guess).

I Am Manuel

I got this right before I took my dog on a walk.


I work at the Indiana University library, and this is one of many treasures I’ve found in the stacks. It’s a note to Amy from her pretty lady. I looked at it laying on the floor for days, trying to decide whether to leave it in case Amy accidentally dropped it or to claim it … Continued


Found floating down a stream in rural Indiana, near the Illinois border. Not your usual place for a princess, well-dressed or not.


Found at 14th and Emerson back in 2004.

The Many Benefits of Rap

I was picking up my printouts at the computer lab at IUPUI when I stumbled upon this. There was only one page and I’d love to read the rest of this masterpiece. I am particularly fond of the random numbers and statistics that aren’t referenced in any way. My favorite sentence? “Ludacris also helps a … Continued

Need to Talk about Prozac

This was found stuck to the counter at a busy downtown lunch spot where I work. I like to picture this as some dirty underground drug deal, but its probably some Eli Lilly drug rep needing to talk about infusing more Prozac into medicated America.

Hi! My Name Is Freedom

Recently, my mom approached what she thought was a piece of litter in her front “yard” (my parents live in an apartment townhouse), only to find a deflated white balloon with a 3×5 card tied to it that had a note scrawled from “Freedom” herself. From the looks of it, Freedom appears to be about … Continued

Dear World

My boyfriend and I found this tonight on the sidewalk outside a cool little gift shop, Silver in the City, on Massachusetts Avenue. I like that the author is equally distraught by Starbucks and the atomic bomb. And who could resist the twisted “Duck, Duck, Goose” imagery written on pretty floral paper?