Reno Gets a Medal

I found this in a box in a dumpster when I took out my trash this morning. I’m not sure what era this is from or what is being pinned to his shirt, but it looks important. Good job, Reno!

Least Appropriate Use of Comic Sans

I found this in a IU student lounge and I couldn’t believe they would use Comic Sans for something so serious. I also wondered what the “specific tasks” are that you can do to earn extra cash. And yes, people had taken a few of the tags at the bottom.


My friend and I found this behind a hymnal in church one Sunday. I feel bad for the kid; when I was little I didn’t like grown-up church either.

For The Love Of Crotch Rockets

Found taped on the parking garage door next to the Bluebird, a local music venue. It’s written on the back of a reminder list for the club staff of things to put in the green room when a band arrives … guessing one of them got fed up with the motorcycle club that meets there.

Jedi Masters

My husband and I went to a cabin in the woods for our anniversary. In the cabin were guestbooks where you could write about your experience there. We spent the first evening there reading through the books and found this page. Because it cracked us up so much, we stole the page as a keepsake. … Continued

The Workplace

I found this on the ground of a Subway parking lot last month.

The Honesty’s Too Much

Found this at the local credit union on the table where you fill out your deposit slips. The best part? At the moment I found it, the bank’s Muzak started playing “Sometimes When We Touch”! How appropriate.

Krinkels Sunburst

Spotted two summers ago on the curb outside my apartment near campus. I first thought that it described the symptoms of someone suffering from a strange neurological disease but, then again, it might have been inspired by a drug-induced trip.

Pizza Warfare

I found this taped up on the wall at work several years ago.


I found this in the middle of the sidewalk one day when I had to walk everywhere because my car was broken down. I like it because it reminds me of what it’s like to be a real little kid, totally at the mercy of all the adults around you. I also like that there … Continued