I have found that the more interesting finds I come across on my lunch hour are near a neighborhood school. Personally, I think Delorian could do better. Maybe someone who knows how to spell “model.”

The Kiss

Found this great photo about three years ago in an old box, it just made me smile.

Love Seat, Sledge Hammer, Railroad Spike, Key

I found this in a book returned to the library, the same library mentioned in the note. I like to think of Rita and Walker as two lovers who are planning to go on a hammer killing spree.


My wife and I drove by a soft-cushioned chair that had been set out and thought “Hey, someone threw away a perfectly good chair that might look great upstairs!” We loaded the chair into my truck and drove it home. It smelled slightly of cat pee so we decided to rip out the cloth bottom … Continued

Gentleman’s Agreement

Found when taking out my trash and recycling in the Castro neighborhood. It irritates me, since I’m not getting any.


I found this note on a table at the campus bar at McMaster University. Look at the hangman, no wrong letters! These people are good.