Autumn Love

Found at a used bookstore.

Want to Hear Your Voice

I found this love letter lying on the sidewalk, face up, staring at me as I walked by. I wish I knew how to get it to it’s rightful owner – it probably fell out of someone’s door.

Love Tess

I found this on the street in front of a liquor store. I found it a few years ago but I kept it in my wallet. It seems really desperate to me.

Dearest 01

I was away for the summer while my roommates stayed in the apartment because they were taking summer classes and/or were working. Apparently this love letter was typed up, sealed in an envelope, and left at my room’s outside door. Now, I am 99.999% sure it wasn’t intended for me. Besides that, there was a … Continued

Hit My Knees

This note was found by a disabled client of mine on the ground. He said, “Your girlfriend left this for you,” then handed it to me.


This secret little index card was dropped somewhere between the New and the Olde Film School.

I Wanna

I found this at my library. Somebody had forgotten his diary. It manages to be both hilarious and incredibly poetic at the same time.


It just kind of seemed pathetically sad. I wonder if Sara ever told Travis how she felt.