Hit My Knees

This note was found by a disabled client of mine on the ground. He said, “Your girlfriend left this for you,” then handed it to me.


This secret little index card was dropped somewhere between the New and the Olde Film School.

I Wanna

I found this at my library. Somebody had forgotten his diary. It manages to be both hilarious and incredibly poetic at the same time.


It just kind of seemed pathetically sad. I wonder if Sara ever told Travis how she felt.

English Class Mourning

This one was found crumpled up under a seat on the bus. I can’t help but wonder what happened to make Christmas so terrible.

Not Quite Divorced Yet

Found this interesting note in a parking lot outside of an Indian restaurant. Was it discarded with no follow-up? Or, had Jill and Karen gotten together that very evening at the Indian restaurant? What not-quite-divorced-yet plans might have been set between these two?

Done A Lot Of Growing Lately

I work in the mail room of a small university. We occasionally get deliveries for people who are no longer here; in this case, it was a small bouquet of flowers. Alas, the intended recipient left, years ago.