Found in a classroom

In an act of misguided scheduling, I was assigned a homeroom in the library while a different teacher had a homeroom in my classroom. When I got back to my room after the last homeroom session of the year, I found that a student had left behind one of these thank-you cards we distribute for the seniors to write to any of the teachers or staff in the district. I like to think that at least one student found the maturity to regret his or her behavior.

Really, Really, Really Sorry


FOUND by Angelpunk inside a Calvin and Hobbes book I bought at a thrift store

I wonder if Paul ever sent this letter to Sarah. Did he change his mind and stuff the letter inside a book? Maybe Sarah got it and put it in the book. I’d like to think there was a happy-ever-after to this story but more likely these two drifted apart after this incident. Who knows.