Dookie Shart

Cathay found this on the street yesterday after seeing Harry Potter. I think the author pretty much stated his position clearly.

That Box

This note was flapping down the beach by the North Avenue pier. I was with Nicole and Claire. It was a clear, windy day- Thursday May 11, 2000. This note is written on the back of a blue piece of stationary from a Secretarial-Bookkeeping Service in Kansas City. Of all the cryptic, inexplicable phrased I … Continued

No Matter What You Say

I work at a coffee shop on a college campus, and this was in the drawer of the cash register. Theories are running wild among my friends about the circumstances behind it. Whether Nena is devoted or just plain creepy… it’s a toss-up.

Thank You Very Much

Found this on the floor of my apartment building, but I didn’t hear anything.

Baby in a Bucket

Found this where I used to work 2+ years ago. I’ve been keeping it ever since. Thought you might like it.

Yellow Dress

Found in a parking lot. Thought you might like.

Go Team!

I was cleaning up after a party and found this on a table.

I’m So Sorry

Found this message on the back of a business card in the stairwell of my apartment building.

God Is on the Next Page

A hilarious find from a recent trip to Boulder. Found on a “scribble pad” in a church during a music recital. There was nothing on the next page, by the way.