And Pass it to Each Other

I’ve known about your site for a few months. Thus, I was jazzed to find the attached 3×5 “Communion, worship, visitors’ [sic] record” card in the third pew of Grace Lutheran Church in LaGrange, Illinois, my hometown. I was there for my nephew, Greg’s, baptism at the 10:15 a.m. service on August 1, 2004. In … Continued

Don’t Give It to War

Found a block from the Old Town School of Folk Music. Written on musical notation paper. Maybe this was an assignment for some sort of class on protest songs. There’s something to be said about avoiding moral arguments and getting straight to the point: war costs money, and I want the money instead.

Puppy Love

I found this love letter/threat on a vacant seat on the #76 east-bound bus, on the way to DJ at Delilah’s one unseasonably warm evening.

Simple Map

I found this last weekend at Foodlife right by the pizza stand. I like the Jag image a lot.


Found this on Wolf Road; I thought this was a pretty touching card, especially from the vet.

I Hate Myself

I was at the Schaumburg Library looking up books, and I needed a sheet of paper to write call numbers on. As I reached into the paper tray, I found this drawing. I was tempted to write a message on it and leave it for someone else to find, but I couldn’t resist borrowing it … Continued

New Childcare Technique

This sketch of an innovative new technique for quieting crying babies was found in a van after a day of summer camp in a North Shore suburb.

Dead Meat

Found this note in a school yard near my house while taking my 21 month old there to play.