Talk To Her

I found this on top of a blue newspaper recycling bin on the CTA Blue Line El stop at Oak Park Avenue. It was a few days before Christmas.

It’s Not Trigonometry

A month ago or so, I came out to my car to find this note. I couldn’t figure out which “sine” the note referred to but the line has become kind of a mantra in my head. “You see the sign so move now, you see the sign so move now….”

Drug Attic

Found on the window of the CTA El train.

Autumn Kiss

I found this at the corner of Cornelia and Lawndale while walking my dog. This sidewalk is a half-block from a Catholic grade school and it’s also a main route in our neighborhood to the commuter train. Someone (female, I guess) must really love autumn.

Lord Lord Lord

Found in my yard today. Pretty big to have been dropped by accident. Bizarre.

The War on Terror

After a recent thaw, my dog and I came across this shipping label in the alley behind our apartment.