Im Bord

I found this while busing tables at the local restaurant where I work. We use these orange papers to roll our silverware.

Pie Bond

I found this on the floor in my college dorm. Somebody must have been hungry while studying for their O-Chem final.

Cigar Man

Found at my school, on the ground, as usual.

Hit My Knees

This note was found by a disabled client of mine on the ground. He said, “Your girlfriend left this for you,” then handed it to me.

Cuttin’ a Rug

Found these two photos while cleaning out the house of a dead relative. They were stuck together behind a tiki bar.

Waited to Kiss You

Found this in the parking lot after an art show, stuffed it in my car, found it again when cleaning it up. Double-find!


Found three years ago.


Found on the floor of Lifetime Fitness.

Friendship Soup

Found stuck between the Frango Mints boxes on display at Marshall Field’s (now Macy’s) on State Street in Chicago a few days before Christmas.