Pick-up Lines

I found this at my school wedged between my desk.

Bird Of Paradise

Found this in the front cover of the book “A Practical Guide to Unemployment Insurance.”

A Big Surprise

My roommate found this in our mailbox right before Christmas. Apparently, there is a total nutjob in our neighborhood. The hand drawn map is the best thing … check out the continent of “Lesbians.” Wow.


Found during the holiday season at Cary Towne Center Mall. Believe in you always!

Cross-eyed Christmas

I bought a Brownie Hawkeye (introduced 1949) at a “Barn Sale.” Included with my purchase were three exposed rolls. This was one of a few images that could be pulled from the damaged negatives.

I Don’t Hate Jesus

I found this note rolled up inside a sock on my front doorstep.

Happy Holidays

I found this during lunch at work on the break room table. I think it fell out of a co-workers lunch bag.