Tropic of Capricorn

FOUND by Isabell
I opened up the used copy of Tropic of Capricorn, which I just got today in the mail, and stuck inside was this photograph. It’s faded, but I can’t tell when it was taken based on the clothes or hair- maybe the 90s? There’s nothing written on the back of the photograph. Because of the sexual nature of the book, I like to think it was the guy’s copy. Plus, he has a naughty little smile, like he has a secret. The girl looks way too innocent to be reading Henry Miller. I do wonder who these people are, and whether they’re still together.

Treasured Moment


FOUND under the autumn leaves on a tree lined street in Clapham, South London
“A beautiful moment where a proud papa looks down adoringly on his newborn daughter (I’m assuming this is the relationship). She almost fits entirely into his two hands! On the back a child, presumably an older version of the babe in the photo, has written: This I will definitely keep. Very sad to think that she was not able to hold on to the picture. I almost think it may have been thrown away in anger, perhaps?” -Sallie

Everlasting Love


FOUND by Cara; Indiana University, Bloomington Campus.

“I found this eight years ago in my dorm room my freshman year of college, stuck between my desk and my wall. It’s actually a magnet that someone appears to have put some crafty effort in to, on behalf of their parents. Of course, it’s been collaged with a post card, a photograph, text, and a TON of glitter glue. I’m not usually one for keepsakes or souvenirs, but this has been on my refrigerator holding up various christmas cards and wedding invitations ever since. I frequently have to explain to people who come to my apartment that these are not my parents, and actually I have no idea who they are.” -Cara

Kissing Kids



This photograph was FOUND by Piper in Bloomington, IN
“I had noticed a small round photo stuck in the limestone wall at the top of the stairs on my way into my office for weeks, but this morning it is raining and I decided it was time to save the poor photo from the elements. There is really no way to know where it came from, my hypothesis is that someone had been using it for a bookmark or something and it fell from their grasp. It is cute kids, the dated-ness of the photo suggests that they are a little older than traditional dorm dwellers, so mayhaps it is someone else who works in out half dorm/half research center hub building.” -Piper