Tongue Friends

I was coming back home from school, and it was just laying there on the ground. I will look for them on campus, but I probably will not find them. People that happy do not stay long anywhere. They spread themselves thin and leave a piece of themselves in each one of us. This is … Continued

Fifteen Years Ago

I found this really cute baby picture a few blocks from my house. “September 1981″ is printed on the back the picture.

Country Wedding

I found this in my suburban neighborhood. It was one of two photos on a yellowed photo album page. I especially like the lady in the lower right-hand corner; she seems so happy for the couple. This must be from the ’30s or ’40s (if someone can identify the car, maybe we can pin it … Continued

The Trio

Old passport-style photos found on a small path leading to a river. I would love to know who these people are now.


Found inside of an otherwise empty photo album for sale at a thrift store downtown. Snagged it.

Lord Lord Lord

Found in my yard today. Pretty big to have been dropped by accident. Bizarre.

Peace Out

I found this photograph recently on a bus home. It was lying next to me where I did not even notice it at first, but I guess instincts grab hold of attention and told me to post it here.


I found this on the street in the late seventies. There are shoeprints on the back. My guess is they’re sisters.

The Kiss

Found this great photo about three years ago in an old box, it just made me smile.

Someone’s Gotta Do It

Found on the sidewalk near my office in Berkeley. The man appears to be taste-testing various cat foods.