Get Better, Lady

I found this blowing around in the parking lot of a Kroger’s. I hope Lady recovered from her wasp sting.

Existential Pickle

Found in a parking deck in late 2002. The text appears to be written on the back of an envelope When I read these words for the first time, I said out loud to no one in particular, “Well, aren’t we all?”

Jelousy Loves BomBom

Asking the love of her life what she did differently the last time they did the nasty.

East London Lady

There’s a used furniture place under a railway bridge near my house. When I went to buy a desk, the shop was closed. So I had a look around the car park out the front and found this picture amongst the stones. She looks strong and confident.

Allison, I Know The World Is Killing You

I was getting out of my car today after a recent rainfall and found this Post-It note stuck on the wet pavement face-up behind my vehicle. I normally don’t pickup pieces of paper off the ground but the neat handwriting struck me … so I did. Everyone in the office agreed there must be a … Continued

Hey Fuck Face

I found this note in the parking lot of the Redwood Gospel Mission Thrift Store. There weren’t any obvious entrances or exits for a car to block, so the event probably happened elsewhere. And the thrift store people are all very nice.

Mamoru-Chan and Usagi

I found this in the parking lot of Target (700). It was still folded and the wind started to blow it away, so I chased the folded paper to see what was in it, (hoping it would be a check with all kinds of money, lol). When I opened it, I got something much more … Continued


I found this a while back in the parking lot of a Lowe’s Home Improvement warehouse.