Yellow Dress

Found in a parking lot. Thought you might like.

The Rainbow Warriors

My friend and I found this on a car in the parking lot of a Rainbow grocery store.

Love, Margo

Found on the ground in a Costco parking lot.

Heart Receipt

I work valet at the U of M hospital. I found this in the parking lot of the emergency room. I’m pretty sure it came from an ambulance. Haven’t seen one before or since.

The Workplace

I found this on the ground of a Subway parking lot last month.

Dear Bobby

Found in parking lot. Bobby is an uncaring bastard.

Eating Reminder

Found this in my parking garage. I think it’s a reminder to someone who is pet sitting, but my girlfriend thinks it’s a reminder to a pregnant woman.

In Case You Broke the First One

Found on the back of a receipt in the parking lot of the gas station where I work. A very simple and nice idea.

Fame is Easy

Found this in my bank parking lot. It wasn’t there when I got out of the truck, because I had to look down to avoid some puddles, but I spotted it while getting back in. It’s written on a greeting card.