The Stranger

I discovered this photo inside a 1974 folio edition of “The Stranger” by Albert Camus, bought for 50 cents at a used book store. The quality is the same as photos I took and developed in my home darkroom when I was in highschool. I hope the person will recognize himself and write to explain … Continued


I found this in a used copy of Mother of Pearl, probably being used as a bookmark. There is something both sad and happy about this picture. I was hoping there would be something written on the back, but there wasn’t.

In Want of a Wife

I found this message typed on a 3×5 card tucked into my dad’s Complete Works of Shakespeare college textbook.

A Gift For You

Found at Krispy Kreme Doughnuts inside a book left behind at the coffee station. The book fell open to an underlined paragraph about loneliness, which I thought was significant as I have just been turfed from a six-year relationship. I will read the book and pass it on in the same manner I found it.


I found it in a copy of The Catcher in the Rye that I bought from Wilshire Books.

To Die For

Found this note in between pages in a book that I checked out from the library. The last line really gets me.

But I Like Nancy

I found this index card in a used book I picked up at Value Village.


I loaned a book to my sister. When she returned it this rum stained paper was inside.

Party of Five

I found this yesterday inside the front cover of a used book. It says “Ken” on the back. Dig the kid’s natty plaid bow tie; goes well with the Shirley Temple.

Kamikaze Waterslide

I was looking through the children’s book section of a thrift store and this fell out of a Funk and Wagnall’s children’s encyclopedia. I have no idea which waterslide it could have been taken at– there are palm trees in the background so I don’t think it’s the one around here.