Summer is Now Quite Past

I found this love letter while I was in college and I’ve kept it for about ten years. When I found it I was already well rehearsed in love letters, having dated someone in New York for a year before moving out here from Wisconsin. We had a great time for a couple years and … Continued

In This Land of Sun and Fun

This item was stuck inside a children’s book which was mixed in with other books donated to us at the Prison Book Project (a non-profit cooperative that mails donated books to inmates in the US). I presumed it was something brought home from summer camp & was made useful as a bookmark.

Dear Hope

A few weeks before I found this letter, I found a random page from a book on the sidewalk. I picked it up and read the page. The story felt familiar but I couldn’t quite place it. After a little googling I realized that it was a page from the book “Cold Sassy Tree”. This … Continued

Upset the Upset

My husband and I found this note between the pages of a Don DeLillo book while shopping at Goodwill. We love the “I need some Sun Chips” line amidst all the angst.

Old Man’s Valentine

This letter was in a book I found at a Spokane, Washington, used book store. It was never sent, apparently, as the 2-cent stamp was not cancelled. Because it was in such pristine condition, I was surprised to see how old it was. Sweet!

Julie, Valentine.

I found this note in a book from the library, presumably, Julie was using it as a bookmark and lost it. Warmed my heart. I took the note back to the library in hopes it would be reunited with Julie.

Who Told You I Was a Bedbug?

I found this in my NY Public Library Book. The book was the Complete Candida Yeast Guidebook – which might make it more creepy. I thought one of my coworkers had drawn it and stuck it in the book because we have conversations about how scary bedbugs are sometimes.

The Mob

I tend a Little Free Library. We get a few things donated that are not books… Comics, CDs, VHS, Beanie Babies and this…I found a photo album that was empty except for way in the back was this picture. I hope most of them made it home… on the back it says the mob. Most … Continued