Tropic of Capricorn

FOUND by Isabell
I opened up the used copy of Tropic of Capricorn, which I just got today in the mail, and stuck inside was this photograph. It’s faded, but I can’t tell when it was taken based on the clothes or hair- maybe the 90s? There’s nothing written on the back of the photograph. Because of the sexual nature of the book, I like to think it was the guy’s copy. Plus, he has a naughty little smile, like he has a secret. The girl looks way too innocent to be reading Henry Miller. I do wonder who these people are, and whether they’re still together.

The Journey

FOUND by Rhys Bart; Lancaster, England
“I bought a Paul Auster novel from a used book store in England and found this message written inside. I would love to know what “journey” the message is referring to, and whether the book was lost or given away. If it was given away, does that mean the journey turned out to be one the owner of the book wanted to forget? Most Paul Auster books seem to begin with an unexpected discovery or a bizarre coincidence, and I’m sure there is a story behind this message waiting to be told.”