Code of the Boys

I found this in a Fantasy art book I got at the Goodwill. It was hidden in between the pages.

Decided To Finish

This was in a used book. It feels like notes for a speech, but that doesn’t seem right.

Information Rules

I was reading an old copy of Herman Hesse’s Siddhartha that my mom had sent me, and I found this scrawled on the inside of the back cover. I thought the book was incredible, and finding this message only enhanced the feeling.

Bee Careful

This is the last page in an old The Baby-sitter’s Club book called Logan Likes Mary Anne! that I found. I wonder if this person wrote it as a book review or if he were this jaded to begin with. Does the story have anything to do with a bee? Or is it just a … Continued

Food For Thought

I found this book on the ground a few years back. Just the other day I found it again and, while reading it, I began to think that someone had written it to me until I got to the bottom and read ‘Cookie’. It is filled with so much love that I wish someone had … Continued

Only The Essentials

I work at a library and found this “grocery” list being used as a bookmark. The list kept going but my scanner will only do 8×11. I’d love to try this diet!

Bigfoot Our Brother

This post-it note was stuck on a page inside Oscar Kiss Maerth’s The Beginning Was the End, a wonderful book that (seriously) advances the theory that sex-crazed, brain-eating apes were responsible for human evolution. I checked this copy out of the University at Buffalo Library. The actual text and pictures are mind-bending on their own, … Continued

That’s Just Nasty

I found this inside a library book about kids’ science experiments at the Phoenix Public Library.

Please Be Who You Are

I was going through my mom’s old cookbook and found this. My mom has no idea who Donna Lee is or who could’ve written it.

Turn Off BPS

This is a strange to-do list I found in a library book. BPS? Hope everything turned out okay with Jim’s taxes, Tammy’s insurance, and the “plot”.