Big Time Yuppies

I work in my local library where this little beauty was found. We check each book that is returned for damage, loose papers, etc. This tiny piece of paper was used as a bookmark. Its message: concise but completely baffling. Its message: profound. The snack of bagel bites and filet mignon sounds tasty! Ummm, am … Continued

Miss New Booty

I found this in a Central Valley library. Miss New Booty has been found.


Found outside Norwalk Library.


I found this on the floor of a library.

Office She-yit

I volunteer at the local library  used bookstore (it’s in the basement of the library, I can’t really call it a store). Anyway, we receive thousands of books every week, and I found this 3×5 card to-do list inside one of them.

I Just Realized

This was found on a desk in the library at UC Santa Barbara, where a group of girls had been studying or distressing about their looks. I can’t imagine why this realization happened in the library.

I Wanna

I found this at my library. Somebody had forgotten his diary. It manages to be both hilarious and incredibly poetic at the same time.

Air Traffic Control

I found this on a shelf in the library where I work. I wonder if the child recently went on a trip via an airplane or if they just like planes.