Almost Haiku

I found this in our school library in a pile of papers by the printer that nobody had claimed. It could be a haiku, but it has one extra syllable.

What I Want for Christmas

This fell out of a book I picked up at the public library. The wish list was tucked inside of a thank you note for some other Christmas presents. She certainly put her request in early (or really late) for Christmas. The thank you note was mailed in 1971 and I wonder if she ever … Continued

Transition Period

I’m a librarian here in St. Paul. While going through some older books on our shelves, I found this gem. We immediately thought to share with Found! Love the part about Dale not getting any presents for Christmas.

I Am on to You

I found this outside the Pack Library.

Big Time Yuppies

I work in my local library where this little beauty was found. We check each book that is returned for damage, loose papers, etc. This tiny piece of paper was used as a bookmark. Its message: concise but completely baffling. Its message: profound. The snack of bagel bites and filet mignon sounds tasty! Ummm, am … Continued

Miss New Booty

I found this in a Central Valley library. Miss New Booty has been found.


Found outside Norwalk Library.


I found this on the floor of a library.