New Study Habits

I found this in the UVA library. I assume two people were studying together. One apparently wanted to focus, the other wanted to go to a rave?

Bra Request

This was found in our library book drop bin.


Found this in the library where I work, sitting by itself on a table.


I work at the Indiana University library, and this is one of many treasures I’ve found in the stacks. It’s a note to Amy from her pretty lady. I looked at it laying on the floor for days, trying to decide whether to leave it in case Amy accidentally dropped it or to claim it … Continued

Reading List

Our local library issues printed receipts for checked-out books, complete with due dates.


I was in the library writing a biology lab report when I noticed this poem… I’m a biology nerd, but I’ve never resorted to expressing my love for mitosis in verse.

Kiss It

A friend found this in a used booksale at the public library, though I don’t know the title of the book. Jonathon sure thought it was funny. Pops must not have agreed if he gave it to the library!

Light Reading for the Commode

It was strange finding a piece of toilet paper beseeching us to eat more cactus; it was even stranger finding it in a 1972 book on capital punishment.

I Wanna

I found this at my library. Somebody had forgotten his diary. It manages to be both hilarious and incredibly poetic at the same time.

Shabbat Shalom!

I found this at the Public Library during an all-day study session. This appears to be the beginnings a Bar/Bat Mitzvah speech written by a girl (judging by the stationary and handwriting) from the local Jewish Congregation.