Price Check

My friend Kelly and I found this beaten up note by a tree on our campus.

Image Is Decay

Found this in my college hall shortly after a freshman alcohol workshop. It appears to be a very controlled rant, or the beginning of a poem. I have no idea why it was left behind, because parts of it were carefully erased and redone and the handwriting is so deliberate.

Popos and Mickey D’s

I found the journal left by the printer in the computer lab of the design school during one of my many all nighters.

I Know My Calculus

I work at the Indiana University library, and this is one of many treasures I’ve found in the stacks. I think some graduate students who work in the carrels upstairs had a bit of a nerdy love connection going on. This piece of paper was folded in half over a lengthy calculus problem; but, there’s … Continued

Not Cool

I never really find anything funny or cool, but this one day I was walking back to my dorm room and there on the ground I found this. It was pretty sweet.

Cause She’s Not

I picked up this folded yellow piece of paper on Harvard’s Campus. I unraveled the well considered folds to find this amazing note: short, sweet and to the point. I love how well-punctuated it is.

Nothing Better

I found this on the steps of Mitchell Hall at UWM leaving class one day. I love a well-titled list!

Paul Danced

These flyers were on every car parked in student housing at Southern Utah University.

In My Mouth

I found this on the ground on my college campus. Looks like someone was hungry– I hope they got what they wanted.