$120,000 Crush

I found this on the floor of a building at Stanford University while I was there for a debate tournament in February. I have no idea of any possible back-story, but it was addressed to ‘Michelle’. I’m actually a little worried that Michelle never got the note and someone just spent $120,000 in vain. Best … Continued

No Matter How Funny It Is

I found this note on my way to class at the University of North Carolina. I walked past it, but came back to pick it up. It has a teacher’s response to a student’s paper on the front and I flipped it over to find the note.

No Matter What You Say

I work at a coffee shop on a college campus, and this was in the drawer of the cash register. Theories are running wild among my friends about the circumstances behind it. Whether Nena is devoted or just plain creepy… it’s a toss-up.

Sorry If I Get on Your Nerves

I found this strip of paper folded up and sitting on a bench at a local community college. I have a feeling this relationship is doomed!

Grand New York

I found this poem in the Baldwin Auditorium at Duke University.

2nd Rate

This was found on the ground at Ithaca College.


My roommate and I found this taped to the glass window beside a doorway in our dorm hall on a Saturday morning. There must be an extremely interesting story behind it… perhaps shedding some light on the crashing and shouting we heard the night before. Even if he did keep us up, hopefully Sebastian will … Continued


I teach at a local city college, so I find a lot of things around campus. This appears to be from an ESL class and it shows that bullies are just as transparent as the rest of us.


I saw this on the bathroom wall of the arts department. I have never heard anyone say “hella” until I came to this school and met Nor Cal people.