Cause She’s Not

I picked up this folded yellow piece of paper on Harvard’s Campus. I unraveled the well considered folds to find this amazing note: short, sweet and to the point. I love how well-punctuated it is.

Nothing Better

I found this on the steps of Mitchell Hall at UWM leaving class one day. I love a well-titled list!

Paul Danced

These flyers were on every car parked in student housing at Southern Utah University.

In My Mouth

I found this on the ground on my college campus. Looks like someone was hungry– I hope they got what they wanted.

Get Zack to Buy Some

This was found sitting under a desk at the local community college.

Bush Baby

I work at a medical school and I found this gem on my way out of the main entrance to the college. After a long day at work, it definitely made me giggle!

In Heat

I was walking by the bus stop curb by Tate Center at UGA.

Roommate Problems

This was in a dorm at UCLA and I can’t decide if I feel worse for Rachel or her roommate (who has a snoring boyfriend AND a bitchy roommate).


I work at the Indiana University library, and this is one of many treasures I’ve found in the stacks. It’s a note to Amy from her pretty lady. I looked at it laying on the floor for days, trying to decide whether to leave it in case Amy accidentally dropped it or to claim it … Continued