Thor Wants To

We found this on a bench on the University of Prince Edward Island campus. I hope she was happy with the decision she made.

Piano Man

I found this photo in the late 70s. It was in a box of papers that was being pitched out (we were cleaning up a practice space at Kenyon College). I’ve always wondered what character the Piano Guy was playing.


A 3×5 card found at Edmonds Community College.


I found this on the floor outside the canteen at college.

Poor Spencer

I found this in the courtyard of a dorm building.

Gang Aft Agley

I found this at Johns Hopkins University. It was on the ground on Art Museum Drive, just a couple hundred feet north of 29th St.

Splenda User

I found this in a bathroom on campus. There was no pencil attached but there were other similar postings around the walls of the bathroom with Splenda packets taped to them.

The Grand Finale

Found this while doing roomchecks in the residences of Acadia University. A band camp had been staying in the dorms for a week, and I discovered this note in one of the rooms from a girls’ mother.

What He Is Capable of Doing

This note was found in a lecture theatre in my college. It’s somewhat sinister – especially due to the immensely teen girlish writing.

Thanks Mom

I found this under my bed in a college dormitory. It was cut from the (unmoistened) flap of an envelope. Just why was this person so grateful to his mother for making it possible for him to show the pain in his face? Why did he cut this part out from the envelope? What kind … Continued