Give Craig Money

I found this list in a stairwell in my college dorm in Oneonta, NY. What first came to mind was the hope that the writer felt motivated enough to do something today. And also the question of what she is giving Craig money for.

Asleep at the Soundboard

I found this photo lying in the grass on the campus of Harvard University. Looks like someone’s studio session was pretty boring.

I’m The Boss Bitch

This was slipped under our door on the last day of finals at Heidelberg College. We have no idea who it is from, who wrote the reply, or why it was given to us. I especially like how they wish the “loud music playing man” a great summer.

Pick Me

I found this on the Grand Valley State University campus the other day. Either L didn’t give the letter to the person it was intended for, or L wasn’t the one he picked. Either way, it is sad and interesting all at once.

Maybe She’ll Turn You Into A Toad?

I’ve been wistfully scanning the ground since I discovered this website, searching diligently for the perfect FOUND thing. Then last week at my local community college where I’m taking a sign language class I walked into the classroom to see the perfect specimen. I hope Michael makes it through his crisis, and wish we all … Continued

Colonial Tea

I found this picture in the basement of my university. This picture reminds me of the beginning of Hitchcock’s The Man Who Knew Too Much.

It’s Not Really That Nice

I found this at Michigan State University under some bushes outside the Kresge Art Museum.

Reasonable Fear

I found this in a bush on my college campus. The back of the card has Greek letters and the name “Jen”, so I suppose it was part of a sorority pledge game. Or maybe Jen just really needed to get something off her chest.

Done A Lot Of Growing Lately

I work in the mail room of a small university. We occasionally get deliveries for people who are no longer here; in this case, it was a small bouquet of flowers. Alas, the intended recipient left, years ago.