Dire Emergency

I found this posted on a community bulletin board in Bolinas, a small hippie town north of San Francisco. And, in case you’re wondering, no, I did not go look for Gary behind the building.

Get in Free

I work on the Delta State campus and saw this flyer lying on a chair downstairs from my office.

Don’t Even Want This Bike Back

We found this sticking to a movie poster at our local theater. Working as an over-night janitor, I tend to find pretty random things, but this has to be the oddest. No number or address, so the kid really doesn’t want his bike back. He just wants the thief to feel his hatred.

Dude Man

I found this at the Sundance Natural Foods bulletin board.

I’m Pissed

I have a small but ever expanding collection of found signs usually stuck to doors or broken public utilities.


Found tied to a telephone pole with twine in the French Quarter.

El Chupacabras

I saw this propped against a tree on the sidewalk at Hayes and Franklin and did a double take at the word Chupacabras. Looking at it later I feel like there’s probably a sad story behind it.


Saw this on a lamp-post whilst walking home.