Baby Jesus

My wife found this posted on the bulletin board in the lobby of our apartment building. Who says the Christmas Spirit is dead?

I Am on to You

I found this outside the Pack Library.

Dragon Yard Sale

You’d better buy something or you will either get suffocated by a giant snake or burn to death. Either way, bad. You’d better buy something.

Osama Bin Gilbie

I had stopped at the gas station to fill up. And I pulled the nozzle out from the pump, and out came this piece of paper. It landed on my right on shoe. When I opened it up I think I peed myself a little. Enjoy the pic, me and my buddies did!!!

Drive Me to Class

I saw this taped to a lamppost one day, and grabbed it after a couple of weeks. I completely sympathize as my wife’s bike- and later her bike seat- were stolen around there the year before.

To The Thief Who Stole My Leather Pants

Imagine my glee after stumbling across this impassioned plea while on a stroll through Echo Park. Without a doubt, my best find thus far.