Beware of Gremlins

Found on the last stall of the Ladies’ restroom at a wedding.

One Man’s Trash

I found this in a telephone booth on Broadway and 12th in New York City. It is a photocopy, but I thought I’d send it your way!


I found this on a telephone pole near my house. It is someone’s creative response to Pay As You Throw trash bags (anything the city’s residents don’t recycle is required to be thrown away in expensive PAYT bags). It is a solution for getting rid of raccoons and not having to pay for the dumb … Continued

Seafood Specials

Found on a ledge at a Family Dollar store on St. Claude and Louisa.

Beat droppin’

Found this in my yard after a windstorm… It appears to have been ran over. I’m assuming it was dropped at the school bus stop on the corner… The paperclip was attached… I hope they were able to make a little change before they lost their flyer!

Playing Dress-up

I found this on a bulletin board at the college I go to.

No More Visits

This strange ‘lost’ poster is on all the telegraph poles up our street at the moment.

I Am Not an Assassin

I saw the woman who put it there as I was approaching the house. I thought she was a salesperson, so I asked what she wanted. She said only “I just want to give you this flyer.” Then she rushed pass me and down the block. I assume she was going door to door with … Continued