Taking A Piss

I found this sign in the one of the bathrooms in my office building. Obviously someone got pretty pissed off when they went to sit on the toilet!

Stolen Porch Swing

This sign was posted on a main street bulletin board just a few years ago. I love the last line where the writer warns you to look out for your own porch swing…if you have one.

In Need of Work

I found this posted on the bulletin board in the small-town grocery store where I work.

In Want of a Wife

I found this message typed on a 3×5 card tucked into my dad’s Complete Works of Shakespeare college textbook.

Cover for Tools

One night while closing a local coffee shop in small-town Minnesota, I found this sheet of paper on top of the toilet in our bathroom. I hope the party was as good as they hoped and no one over 30 came.

Splenda User

I found this in a bathroom on campus. There was no pencil attached but there were other similar postings around the walls of the bathroom with Splenda packets taped to them.

Thug Hottie Style

I work for the Purdue University Police Department and found this on the sidewalk on campus.

They’re Hard to Get, but I Know a Guy

I’m a member of Shakespeare To Go, a company that performs theater for school children. I found this ticket in an elementary school’s multi-purpose room.