I Am Not an Assassin

I saw the woman who put it there as I was approaching the house. I thought she was a salesperson, so I asked what she wanted. She said only “I just want to give you this flyer.” Then she rushed pass me and down the block. I assume she was going door to door with … Continued

Out of Control Cop

This was found in a parking lot for the downtown oceanfront access while my family was on vacation in Hawaii.

Flying Mice Don’t Like Ice

A band (Flying Mice) didn’t make it for a gig at the bar and I thought the odd combination of words on the sign made it a keeper.

Beauty Pageant

This was found on Hollywood Blvd.  I picked this up walking back to the office from lunch and put it on my office door. Then someone told me about your site.

3 Excited Legs

I was walking back to work after having lunch in Chinatown and I nearly stepped on this note looking up at me. Something made me reach down and pick it up and stick it in my shirt pocket.

The Trivial Things

This was taped to an electrical box at a Muni bus stop at Spear & Howard. I saw it on a Thursday when I left work, but didn’t have time to stop and read the whole thing until Friday. By Monday morning someone else had added the line at the bottom.

Listen You Animal

Someone has been wiping their boogers on the bathroom wall. Animal!

Meld with You

I found this on Brighton Avenue outside of Boston.

Attack at Random

These were posted all over my neighborhood in the North Loop area in 2006. I never saw the badger.

Lost Semi-Telepathic Cat

This poster appeared on a pole outside my house one night. There were no others like it in the neighborhood, or posted at any stores nearby. I can’t imagine how someone lost a cat pulling a wagon with balloons.