I spent many hours over the course of two days at this year’s Dump Days Tag Sale — an annual fundraising event in our town — hunting and pecking through the junk to find and buy all sorts of cool stuff that I don’t need. It was a boom year. And then, at the very … Continued

A Kid Raising Kids

I found this note written on an envelope on the floor in my local post office. What I find interesting is the envelope has no address written on it. I wonder if it had ever got to the intended recipient or if it was just tossed. I feel bad for whoever wrote it.

For Tom

Found while cleaning a house for renovation. I believe the previous owner died but the house was still full of things no one claimed. I saw this picture and couldn’t bring myself to throw it away. The back reads: “Aunt Jessie and Terry / Martha – went to Goucher & her brother Tom / WWII … Continued

A Day at Starved Rock

Found a camera as I was walking around Starved Rock. The camera was destroyed but the memory card survived.

Maybe It Is

I work as a teacher in a middle school. As you may remember this age can bring hard social times. I feel I spend a majority of my time fighting fires of early teenage social injustice. When I found this, it gave me a little hope that my middle schoolers really do have hearts…

Cross-eyed Christmas

I bought a Brownie Hawkeye (introduced 1949) at a “Barn Sale.” Included with my purchase were three exposed rolls. This was one of a few images that could be pulled from the damaged negatives.


Flip Master

This photo was found in the kitchen of a community hall where a punk rock show was being held. It depicts a common Calgary tradition: a “stampede breakfast,” where free pancakes and sausage are served. Of note is the fact that the pancake is in mid-flip, and the flipper of the pancake is making direct … Continued

Ninja Son

This was found at a small, makeshift encampment where there were many items strewn about. It was very sad to think that someone would have to resort to this refuge in this area known if not for its wealth, at least for it’s established opportunities for the working class.