Flip Master

This photo was found in the kitchen of a community hall where a punk rock show was being held. It depicts a common Calgary tradition: a “stampede breakfast,” where free pancakes and sausage are served. Of note is the fact that the pancake is in mid-flip, and the flipper of the pancake is making direct … Continued

Ninja Son

This was found at a small, makeshift encampment where there were many items strewn about. It was very sad to think that someone would have to resort to this refuge in this area known if not for its wealth, at least for it’s established opportunities for the working class.

From the Farm

I found this while checking out an abandoned farm here near St. Peter. I discovered an old photo album which had obviously been wasting away in what was left of one of the sheds. Years of weather had taken its toll, but there, tucked towards the center was this picture in almost perfect condition.

Running Away with Jacques Cousteau

I found this tiny, bizarre Post-it note in a 1972 library copy of “The Whale: Mighty Monarch of the Sea” by Jacques Cousteau.

The Twins

I’m always coming across lost things where I work — including the sweatshirt I’m wearing right now. Well, I found that yesterday. Today’s find was from the floor outside my room. I call it, “The Twins”. I believe it’s from an instant camera.

Letter to God

I found this letter inside the book “A Walk Across America,” which was being sold at an estate sale. I bought the book (and kept the letter).

Regretful Child’s Apology

Found this in a vacation rental cabin at a mountain lodge. I wonder who called the poor child a snot, and why it was so wrong for him to wonder such a thing???


Found in front of the Long Beach Aquarium. I feel bad that grandpa is sad but I feel just as bad that Joey is having a heap of Grandpa guilt dumped on him. Hopefully the hug made everyone feel better.