You Suck at Life Now

I was walking home from the park with my kids and thought that I’d take them by the juvie; like, “Hey kids, don’t act up and end up in there some day.” We found this on the sidewalk. I saw the swear word up top and then wouldn’t let my kids have it. They spent … Continued

School Ain’t Fun

Taped inside a very nice public bathroom in my very nice dorm.

Icky Nicci

My friend Jen and I found this when we were going to lunch.

Smoke in Crack

Found under the desk in my classroom.

Moral Inventory

I found this note while walking to the El on the way to a job interview early in the morning. Wish I could read this person’s poetic interpretations of the other ten steps!

4 Ice Cream

Here in New Zealand $5 should be good for a substantial 3 scoop ice cream cone. Not sure if it’ll get you much in the way of drugs.

Existential Pain Relievers

My mom found this sign on the ground. It was a two-sided sign. Who knows what it says in Swedish, but the message in English is very clear.

Always With Love, Dad

This was in a library book I checked out the other day. I’ve come across papers that others have left in books before, but none this poignant. I hope he’s OK.