I Am Not an Assassin

I saw the woman who put it there as I was approaching the house. I thought she was a salesperson, so I asked what she wanted. She said only “I just want to give you this flyer.” Then she rushed pass me and down the block. I assume she was going door to door with … Continued

The Hilighter

This was folded up on the sidewalk of Clarendon Street near Back Bay Station.


From the magic newspaper box at 27th and Broadway. It looks like there’s supposed to be a photo of one of the angel dust dealer (didn’t angel dust disappear by the end of the 70s?) but, alas, we’ll never know who to look for. Sadly, the East Bay Express box has only had newspapers in … Continued

You Suck at Life Now

I was walking home from the park with my kids and thought that I’d take them by the juvie; like, “Hey kids, don’t act up and end up in there some day.” We found this on the sidewalk. I saw the swear word up top and then wouldn’t let my kids have it. They spent … Continued

School Ain’t Fun

Taped inside a very nice public bathroom in my very nice dorm.

Icky Nicci

My friend Jen and I found this when we were going to lunch.

Smoke in Crack

Found under the desk in my classroom.

Moral Inventory

I found this note while walking to the El on the way to a job interview early in the morning. Wish I could read this person’s poetic interpretations of the other ten steps!

4 Ice Cream

Here in New Zealand $5 should be good for a substantial 3 scoop ice cream cone. Not sure if it’ll get you much in the way of drugs.

Existential Pain Relievers

My mom found this sign on the ground. It was a two-sided sign. Who knows what it says in Swedish, but the message in English is very clear.