Drug Attic

Found on the window of the CTA El train.

Crystal Clear

I found this note on the ground while walking my friend’s dog. No good story from me on this, but I’m sure the person who wrote the note has plenty. (info/resources: www.ncadd.org)

Dear Dad

I found this spiral notebook in the dumpster behind my apartment building.

Beware The Flip

I left my bike locked to a parking meter overnight, and this note was stuck to it when I came down in the morning. Perhaps left by Concerned Citizens Against Quick-Release Wheels? I bet it’s whoever drives the Herbalife van I parked next to.

Blackmail for $50. Do It Again.

While working at a grocery store we found what appears to be a teenage boys journal. Other pages contain short stories that are unfinished and extremely ridiculous, children’s book ideas, lists of things he wants, and randomly his social security number and 1 drawing.