Moral Inventory

I found this note while walking to the El on the way to a job interview early in the morning. Wish I could read this person’s poetic interpretations of the other ten steps!

4 Ice Cream

Here in New Zealand $5 should be good for a substantial 3 scoop icecream cone. Not sure if it’ll get you much in the way of drugs. I’m sorry to say it was used for neither.

Existential Pain Relievers

My mom found this sign on the ground. It was a two-sided sign. Who knows what it says in Swedish, but the message in English is very clear.

Always With Love, Dad

This was in a library book I checked out the other day. I’ve come across papers that others have left in books before, but none this poignant. I hope he’s OK.

New Study Habits

I found this in the UVA library. I assume two people were studying together. One apparently wanted to focus, the other wanted to go to a rave?


I found this in my high school class room. I’d venture a guess that Native American literature was not on the creator’s mind.

Bad Regina

I was on a roadtrip and had to pee. I pulled over, found a great spot and out of the corner of my eye spotted this note sticking out of a bush. It cracks me up everytime I read it!