I found this in my high school class room. I’d venture a guess that Native American literature was not on the creator’s mind.

Bad Regina

I was on a roadtrip and had to pee. I pulled over, found a great spot and out of the corner of my eye spotted this note sticking out of a bush. It cracks me up everytime I read it!

Double U, Double E, D

This was all wet and scrunched up on a tennis court where I play bike polo.

Get Zack to Buy Some

This was found sitting under a desk at the local community college.

A Crack Head

Today was senior ditch day for the class of ’08 and we went to Seacliff Beach, a little past Ventura. When we got there there was this really cool hut made from drift wood that we basically stayed by the whole time. I was sitting under it and the corner of this was sticking out.

The “No” List

I found this lying on the ground on my way to my car after school. It was easy to spot since it’s bright orange. I find myself wondering whether these are rules for Jess and Jenna themselves, or rules for someone else.

Even Cowboys Get the Blues

I found this card in a stack of cards at a gay cowboy bar. It was the only one with a message written on it.

To Whoever Gets It

I found this folded note near our school cafeteria, and it was addressed “To whoever gets it.” I was surprised and amused when I saw what was drawn on the inside. I have a lot of this stuff but this is my most interesting one. I keep looking everywhere in the hopes of finding something … Continued

Need to Talk about Prozac

This was found stuck to the counter at a busy downtown lunch spot where I work. I like to picture this as some dirty underground drug deal, but its probably some Eli Lilly drug rep needing to talk about infusing more Prozac into medicated America.