Talk To Her

I found this on top of a blue newspaper recycling bin on the CTA Blue Line El stop at Oak Park Avenue. It was a few days before Christmas.

Thor Wants To

We found this on a bench on the University of Prince Edward Island campus. I hope she was happy with the decision she made.


Found in the honeymoon haven of California.

I Just Don’t See the Point Anymore

Found in the parking lot of a Tasty Thai restaurant. A break-up note of sorts? A modern day Romeo and Juliet? Angsty teens? The possibilities are endless.


I have found that the more interesting finds I come across on my lunch hour are near a neighborhood school. Personally, I think Delorian could do better. Maybe someone who knows how to spell “model.”

Come Home

Yo. Found this on a bench at a bus transfer station in Perth.


Found this while walking my dog. He’s pretty helpful in sniffing out good finds. I think that I’d lie too if someone called me a god damned bitch.

Slow Learner

My husband found this while working under a house one day. My question: who are they pointing fingers at, and why? The suspense may be my demise.

Love Me!

I found this business card on the ground on Main Street. Love Me!

She Had Trouble Paying the Rent

I found this note under my refrigerator after the last tenant moved out. She had had trouble paying the rent.