Chivalry Lives in Public Radio

In the middle of our fund drive — when things are very crazy and tense and there are many, many more people around than usual, and everyone’s tempers run very high — I found this note still on its pad on the floor behind the board operator’s console. From whom to whom? Uncertain, but perhaps … Continued

They Tricked Me

I found this note written on Keebler stationary in the case of a Polaroid camera purchased at a flea market… Tampered brake lines, deception, heartbreak.

Good Luck

I found this in the local park. Sounds very, VERY bitter!

All She Wants

My school has been around for over a century. My friend and I went snooping and found a small room hidden behind the old gym. It had many old files and portfolios of students from many years ago. In the mix was this small index card.

Gangsta Love Note

I found this in front of the movie theater where my husband and I were going to see the newest Batman movie. It was in the street folded into a square and had been run and walked over repeatedly. I was so excited to have a find after visiting the site and reading the books … Continued

Remember Us

I found this picture torn in half while walking my dog. Its double sided. The back says, “so keep this to remember us jus like we will ___ you. -bb” (I can’t read part of it).

No Matter What You Say

I work at a coffee shop on a college campus, and this was in the drawer of the cash register. Theories are running wild among my friends about the circumstances behind it. Whether Nena is devoted or just plain creepy… it’s a toss-up.