Windshield Confession

I found this on the windshield of my car one morning. I thought it was a parking ticket I hadn’t noticed the night before, but I was wrong. I have no idea who in my apartment complex left it or who this could be, but I do remember there used to be a silver BMW … Continued

Bad Sister

A news flash blew into my front yard and it looks like Larissa is having a bad sister who fits a lot. Her name is Abby.

Take Me Home

I found this while on a walk during a break from work.

In Need of Work

I found this posted on the bulletin board in the small-town grocery store where I work.


I found this in a used copy of Mother of Pearl, probably being used as a bookmark. There is something both sad and happy about this picture. I was hoping there would be something written on the back, but there wasn’t.


I found this on the street in the late seventies. There are shoeprints on the back. My guess is they’re sisters.

Where The Devle Lives

My five-year-old daughter brought this to me and asked me to read it to her. The neighbors’ girl had given it to her on their bus ride home from school. We’re the only agnostics in our county, it would seem.

They’re Hard to Get, but I Know a Guy

I’m a member of Shakespeare To Go, a company that performs theater for school children. I found this ticket in an elementary school’s multi-purpose room.

Party of Five

I found this yesterday inside the front cover of a used book. It says “Ken” on the back. Dig the kid’s natty plaid bow tie; goes well with the Shirley Temple.