Lots to Give Thanks For

I found this at Ashby Bart in 2002. I always wondered who this kid was and why his mom or dad sat him on the table next to the paper turkey.

A Nice Home

Stuck between the seat cushions at The Majestic Diner.

Dear School

Found in my elementary school’s computer lab.

A Love Unrequited

Found in the mail at the Ranger Station where I work.

Adil’s Idea of Storytelling

I used this quote in an ESL presentation about children’s writing. I’ve saved it since 1996.

Jedi Masters

My husband and I went to a cabin in the woods for our anniversary. In the cabin were guestbooks where you could write about your experience there. We spent the first evening there reading through the books and found this page. Because it cracked us up so much, we stole the page as a keepsake. … Continued

I Am a Giggle Bug

Found in a classroom I was helping clean. Apparently students were forced to write letters of apology to their teacher when they got in trouble and we found a whole stack of them. This one stood out.

Trying to Hide

Found this picture of a girl trying to hide herself on a grassy verge at the side of Cook Street. The only reason I stopped to pick it up is that when I zoomed by it on my bike the first time, I mistook it for a five dollar bill. The picture was cute so … Continued

Glenda and Punkin, 1979

I found this photo in a book. I wonder how Glenda sleeps with Punkin sitting on her? She is really going to have a stiff neck, too. I couldn’t bring myself to throw this away, and I now keep it with my family photos. I hope when I die and they are going through my … Continued

Dear Bobby

Found in parking lot. Bobby is an uncaring bastard.