Milli’s Soulmate


FOUND by Mandy in Culver City, California

My roommate was putting in a new shelf unit, in her closet, when this piece of paper fell to the floor. Folded up into a tiny piece of paper, written on the front and back, Milli stashed this away behind a piece of wood in the closet. I hope she was single and not in an unhappy marriage. and she would be able to find a nice man and check some of the attributes off of the list.



FOUND by Eric Beetner in Culver City, California

I found this stuck to a parking meter in the little downtown section of my town. The space was empty so it didn’t seem to be for anyone in particular. I passed it on my way a movie, thought it was awesome, then when it was still there after a movie and ice cream I snagged it. Kudos to the author for reminding me of something all too easy to forget.