Holy Ghost Power

Talking points for religious program found at a Public Access Television station.

Lord Lord Lord

Found in my yard today. Pretty big to have been dropped by accident. Bizarre.


I found this in the girls’ washroom at the mall.

Where The Devle Lives

My five-year-old daughter brought this to me and asked me to read it to her. The neighbors’ girl had given it to her on their bus ride home from school. We’re the only agnostics in our county, it would seem.

Do Right Now

Here’s one of the notes that have been slipped through the mail slot in my door for years and years. They’d stopped for awhile and then I got three more within a week. No idea who this person is.

Man of God

Found this list of sorts while cleaning out the attic of my house in Hamtramck. It was in a loose-leaf binder filled with what looked to be Bible college lessons and assignments, dated 1995.

Right to the Point

I found this business card-sized warning on the ground in Chinatown. These have been spotted across many Western Canadian cities.