I found this a while back in the parking lot of a Lowe’s Home Improvement warehouse.

Religious Education

Found this on the steps of my school just outside the religious studies block. I’m not sure if ‘Jamal’ was paying attention to the lesson.

Through the Judge’s Mouth

I found this while hiking a popular trail. We were hiking to the top for a full moon rise in April of last year.

I Was Good to Her

I found this piece of paper in the street while waiting for my dog to poop in the neighbor’s yard on 19th and California St.

A Big Surprise

My roommate found this in our mailbox right before Christmas. Apparently, there is a total nutjob in our neighborhood. The hand drawn map is the best thing … check out the continent of “Lesbians.” Wow.

Ahoy Pastafarians!

I found this on a table in the student union at my college. I wasn’t eating pasta, but it sure made me want some. On the back is a graph showing the decilne of pirates and the increase of incliment weather. Still tasty though.

Found in a Corn Maze

Found deep in a corn maze. Appears to be a list of desired qualities for a mate, in what I assume are order of importance.

Bad Housekeeper

I received this in the mail. It was addressed to my first initial and maiden name. There was no signature or return address. It was postmarked Santa Clarita, CA. It terrified me for awhile, then I put it on my fridge. You take it.

Esau Sold His Birthright

Me and my S.O. had just gotten our marriage certificate and were on our way to lunch when I found this little gem laying on the sidewalk. Maybe it is part of a longer work in progress, a lunatic’s notes for a never-to-be-published book on theology… In any case, I grabbed it and knew where … Continued

Make Your Choices Wisely

I found this in a room at the Marriot hotel. Usually there is a Gideon’s bible in the drawers of most motels and hotel rooms, so I decided to look for it.