Letter to God

I found this letter inside the book “A Walk Across America,” which was being sold at an estate sale. I bought the book (and kept the letter).

God Is on the Next Page

A hilarious find from a recent trip to Boulder. Found on a “scribble pad” in a church during a music recital. There was nothing on the next page, by the way.


Found crumpled on the floor of the #75 bus.


My friend and I found this behind a hymnal in church one Sunday. I feel bad for the kid; when I was little I didn’t like grown-up church either.

Dear God

Found this on the ground when I was leaving a weekend camp for kids. I thought it was great that this little guy a) thought to pray for his brother, b) that he thought to write it down, and c) monsters are still the scariest thing in his world.. I’m not a hardcore believer of … Continued

To A Future Member of the Mormon Faith

The volunteers of the Jail Library Group at UW-Madison found this inscription in a donated copy of the Book of Mormon. The book is now in the Dane County Jail’s collection.

Holy Ghost Power

Talking points for religious program found at a Public Access Television station.

Lord Lord Lord

Found in my yard today. Pretty big to have been dropped by accident. Bizarre.


I found this in the girls’ washroom at the mall.

Where The Devle Lives

My five-year-old daughter brought this to me and asked me to read it to her. The neighbors’ girl had given it to her on their bus ride home from school. We’re the only agnostics in our county, it would seem.